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11+ English (City of London School for Boys) 2020 Sample


Plus Maths (City of London School for Boys) 2020 Sample

Prepare your child for excellence in the City of London School 11+ exam with our targeted practice tests for City of London School 11+ test for Year 7 entry with our tailored practice tests.

Each Practice Test is meticulously crafted to align with the actual exam, covering:

  • Maths,
  • English,
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning,
  • Verbal Reasoning,
  • Puzzles & Problem Solving, and
  • Creative Comprehension.

Mock City of London School entry tests

Our practice tests faithfully replicate the exam experience, including timings, formats, and question styles. This authenticity ensures your child is fully prepared for the challenges they will encounter on the actual exam day.

Build your child’s confidence by making them familiar with the exam format.

City of London School welcomes students at various entry points, including 10+, 11+, 13+, and 16+. As a member of the City of London Family of Schools, we enjoy strong connections with our sister institution, City of London School for Girls. These close ties enhance our standing as a prestigious, independent school dedicated to academic rigor and excellence.

City of London School stands as one of London’s foremost academic day schools, nurturing over 950 boys aged 10 to 18. Our institution boasts an iconic location in the bustling heart of the City of London, nestled in the shadow of the majestic dome of St Paul’s Cathedral and positioned just across the river from the renowned Tate Modern. Our purpose-built facilities reflect a commitment to modernity and forward-thinking education.

With a rich history dating back to the fifteenth century, we have consistently upheld a proud tradition of academic excellence and educational innovation.

Comprehensive Practice Tests for the City of London School


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