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THE BEST CAT4 practice tests

The CAT4 requires no prior knowledge and so the best CAT4 exam preparation is to take CAT4 practice tests. In our opinion, the best quality online CAT 4 test practice papers are:

Free CAT4 Sample TestsFull CAT4 Practice Packs
CAT4 Free Practice Test Year 4CAT4 Level A Practice Test Pack for Year 4
Free CAT4 Practice Test Year 5CAT4 Level B Practice Test Pack for Year 5
CAT4 Free Practice Test Year 6CAT4 Level C Practice Test Pack for Year 6
Free CAT4 Practice Test Year 7CAT4 Level D Practice Test Pack for Year 7
CAT4 Free Practice Test Year 8CAT4 Level E Practice Test Pack for Year 8
Free CAT4 Practice Test Years 9 and 10CAT4 Level F Practice Test Pack Years 9/10
CAT4 Free Practice Test Years 11+CAT4 Level G Practice Test Pack for Years 11+

The above CAT4 practice tests are the most efficient practice test materials you can buy from

GL Education‘s CAT4 tests range.


Rob Williams
Ask ROB (expert test developer) your questions by emailing
An Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Rob Williams is a Chartered Psychologist with over 25 years of experience working and designing tests. He is also the author of five psychometric test design books and has worked for the leading global psychometric test publishers including SHL, Kenexa IBM, MBTI, CAPP and SOVA Assessment. He is also the author of five psychometric test design books and has worked for the  school entrance test publishers ISEB, Hodder and GL Assessment.


How is the CAT4 scored?

For any standardised school assessment, like the CAT4, the key summary statistic is the Standard Age Score (SAS).

This is based an adjustment of each pupil’s raw score for age, which allows this age-adjusted CAT4 scores to be put on a continuous CAT4 score scale.

This then allows comparisons to be made with a nationally representative sample, comprising students of the same age. It is therefore representative of age.

Plus representative of other factors influencing CAT4 scores. Since this nationally representative sample encompasses a diverse set of schools’ annual CAT4 results. This is sampled from right across the U.K.

So, why practice CAT4?

Well, the CAT4 is substantially different from any other curriculum so familiarising students with the testing material before the exam is extremely important.

Hence, here at School Entrance Test we believe that all CAT4 test takers should be able to benefit from our:

  • Provision of all CAT4 students with the latest 2023 CAT4 sample papers.
  • CAT4 exam preparation.
  • The latest CAT4 practice testing material for their specific age.
  • CAT4 test questions and CAT4 test tips.

We would also like to underline the importance of your child’s CAT4 score. In our opinion how schools use the results illustrates this best.

How schools use CAT4 results

Most schools inform parents about CAT4 tests in advance. This is to inform all the school’s parents of CAT4 test-takers about their plans. It also helps to set these pupils’ expectations.

Whilst parents get a lot of school emails and DM’s these days, this specific CAT4 communication should stress the importance of taking the upcoming CAT4 assessments seriously.

Why is my child’s CAT4 score important?

Individual reports to parents show the performance of their children across the four CAT4 sections: CAT4 spatial reasoning; CAT4 verbal reasoning; CAT4 numerical reasoning; and CAT4 non-verbal reasoning. It is worthwhile for such CAT4 focused schools to flag key CAT4 facts to parents of CAT4 pupils.

Principally, we’d highlight that GL Assessment’s CAT4 website provides prospective CAT4 parents with a comprehensive overview of everything CAT4 related. This includes CAT4 Q&A. Such detailed CAT4 assistance certainly helps most parents to understand more about these ‘new school assessments’, GL’s CAT4 test.

Free CAT4 sample tests for 2023

Our popular CAT4 2023 practice test question samples

THE MOST effective CAT4 test strategies to get a CAT4 pass

The most effective strategies for passing the CAT4 test will certainly vary on each individual student’s own preferences, strengths and weaknesses. Still, here’s our general tips:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the different CAT 4 section formats. In particular, the different types of CAT4 questions most commonly found in each CAT4 test section,
  2. Practice regularly with sample CAT4 questions. Or our recommended CAT4 papers at the correct age. This regular CAT 4 practice will improve your speed and also your CAT 4 accuracy.
  3. Focus on developing the key CAT4 reasoning, reading and understanding skills, such as English comprehension, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
  4. Identify and then focus your practice sessions on each CAT4 question areas of weakness. This CAT4 test-taking strategy will quickly improve your overall performance on the CAT4 assessment.
  5. Time management is crucial in the CAT 4 assessment suite. You need to learn how to allocate your CAT4 administration time time as wisely as possible. An excellent first step is to avoid spending too much time on any one CAT4 question.
  6. Ensure that you fully understand the CAT4 instructions.
  7. Read your CAT4 instructions and each question very carefully. Always make sure you understand what is being asked before answering each CAT4 item.
  8. Keep a cool and calm approach during your CAT 4 test. At all costs you must not panic at any point of your CAT4 preparation. Particularly not in your final school CAT4 assessment.
CAT4 test and CAT4 test year 7.
CAT 4, CAT practice test and CA T4 test year 7.

How can I best prepare for the CAT4?

You need to prepare for your CAT4 exam using the correct CAT4 Level practice paper. Reach your accurate, age-dependant CAT 4 practice test resources at School Entrance Tests’ respective CAT4 Year level links below:

Firstly, 9+ CAT4 Level A practice papers for Year 4. Secondly, CAT 4 Level B test practice for Year 5.

Thirdly, 11+ CAT4 Level C practice papers for Year 6.Then, CAT4 Level D test practice for Year 7.

Next, Level E CAT4 test practice for Year 8. And Level F CAT4 test practice for Years 9 and 10.

Finally, our Level G CAT4 test practice for Year 11.

GL CAT 4 case studies

If you want to find out how the CAT 4 test is used in context, then read some of these very interesting GL CAT 4 case studies.

School Entrance Tests‘s

What do CAT4 results mean?

  • Pupils can track their own academic progress using the CAT4’s progress indicators.
  • The results are good indicators to GCSE, A-level and IB course success.
  • GL’s individual student report for teachers provides data that helps to understand a pupils learning profile.
  • The implications for teaching and learning are profound and base decisions on objective not subjective opinion.

Introducing GL Assessment’s CAT4 tests

This is how GL Assessment’s CAT4 is introduced by the publisher themselves:

  • CAT4 is a dedicated Cognitive Abilities Test widely used to assess a wide range of year groups from Key Stage 1 learners to young adults.
    It is frequently used in US primary and middle schools as a gifted and talented entrance test.
  • Whereas, in the U.K. the CAT4 is also used as an Independent School entrance exam
  • All of the fourth generation CAT4’s eight assessments – or mini quizzes – have unique psychometric designs.
  • Although given our experience of more traditional entrance test question types, we are confident which of our tips and practice tips recommendations still apply.


SATS CAT4. Children working on grass


Parents’ Guide to GL Assessment’s CAT4 Tests

Primary school cognitive ability assessment CAT4

  • Primary schools use CATs to assess the students even during non-SAT years. CAT4, administered by GL Assessment CAT, are useful in the primary school level.
  • These tests are mainly used to determine the pupil’s achievements because as per the current National Curriculum as children are not required to take tests between KS1 and KS2 SATs.
  • CAT4’s also assist teachers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each child individually. CAT4, especially provides a clear picture of the learning capacities of students, unlike the tests which concentrate on scores in core subjects.
  • Thus, teachers can have a vivid idea of the learning skills of a child and can determine the pupil who needs special care or support.

School Entrance Tests‘ Parents’ Guide to the CAT4

Most schools inform parents about CAT4 tests in advance. As a result, parents get to know their plans and expectations from students. However, pupils are advised against making preparations for the CAT4 tests at home. CAT4 Individual reports to parents show the performance of their children across the four batteries. Consequently, schools present results to parents and students using the Stanines (ST) since it is easy to comprehend. Notably, the CAT4 website contains a short generic overview that can assist parents to understand more about the tests.

So, what does the 2023 CAT4 offer parents?

GL’s CAT4:

  • Supports personalized learning.
  • Improves parental engagement.
  • Provides direction for informed intervention strategies.

Rob WilliamsAsk ROB (expert test developer) your questions by emailing

Rob has worked for the school entrance test publishers ISEB and GL – as well as the leading global psychometric test publishers including SHL, Kenexa IBM, MBTI, CAPP and SOVA  Assessment.

What does the CAT4 offer pupils?

The CAT 4 test:

  • Supports measuring student abilities and the admissions process into selective schools.
  • The 3 aptitude tests are not dependent on language…
  • Is therefore suitable for second language students too.

What does the CAT4 offer teachers?

GL Assessment’s CAT4…

  • Gives direction for informed intervention strategies.
  • Setting and monitoring of each student’s most suitable academic goals.
  • Provides reports are available for senior school leaders to help provide strategic direction focusing on…
  • Areas where the school or class as a whole can improve.
  • Essential data to help personalise learning, engage with parents, and monitor progress.

How is the CAT test for year 7 used by teachers? 

Our video, How to use the CAT 4 at your school.


  • We believe that CAT 4 profiles are essential in providing teachers with a rounded profile of a child, thus making it easier to decide about the progress of learners and offer appropriate support.
  • Teachers use such individual CAT 4 pupil profiles to gauge strengths and weaknesses in four main aspects including verbal, non-verbal, spatial, and quantitative reasoning.
  • GL’s CAT4 is statistically reliable since it is annually verified by analyzing 250,000 pupils and is standardized on 25,000 children.
  • Therefore, it is a true reflection of pupils’ potential and effectively reveals factors that affect their performance.
  • GL assessment provides both group and individual reports that are easy to follow; thus, teachers can get a complete picture of the learning skills of the students.
  • National performance records, including GCSE, KS2, and A-level indicators, provide the basis for evaluating CAT4.

CAT4 test examples – CAT 4 test examples – CAT practice tests – CAT tests

Our video, A teachers’ guides to the CAT4 test.

What are the Key Features of GL Assessment’s 2023 CAT 4 tests?

In summary, the key 2023 CAT 4 test features are:

  • Availability all year around
  • Offers immediately available results.
  • There are 4 areas of reasoning which are measured; quantitative, verbal, non-verbal and spatial.
  • The last skills is extremely important for science, technology, engineering, and maths.
  • This is an ability not measured by other tests at school such as the 11+ or SATs.

What are the 8 different CAT4 Test sections?

Verbal classification test. Each question in this test contains three words that have the same meaning. Pupils are supposed to discover the concept linking the three words and then select one word that best fit with them from the list of other five words provided. It assesses word knowledge, verbal reasoning, and language development. Verbal analogies test.  It contains questions that provide a verbal analogy taking the “A –B, C–_” fashion. Learners should determine relations between the first pair, which then assists them in completing the second pair using one word selected from five options available. It also tests word and verbal knowledge.

Number analogies test. An assessment with questions having three pairs of numbers like “2–5, 7–10, and 9–_”. Pupils answer the questions by first knowing the connection between the pairs of numbers then complete the last pair using a suitable number from the list provided. It assesses skills in identifying relations and arithmetic knowledge.

CAT4 test – CAT 4 – CAT practice test – CAT test year 7

Try our CAT Sample Test


CAT4 Number Series section explanation 

  • It assesses the ability of learners to identify the rule governing a progression in a series of numbers.
  • So, pupils pick the next suitable number form five options provided to complete the number series.
  • The test significantly builds the foundation for fields like economics and mathematics.

CAT4 Figure classification section explanation

  • Questions in this test contain separate figures having a characteristic that links them.
  • Learners should identify another figure from the options presented that has the same features as the first three.


Figure matrices test explanation

  • The cat4 Figure analogy is the basis of questions in this test.
  • Here, CAT4 tesl taking pupils must find the relationship between the first pair of figures. Then should complete the other pair by selecting from the five CQT 4 answer options shown in each CAT4 question.

CAT4 Figure analysis section explanation

  • Questions in this test have squares that are folded several times before holes punched through them.
  • Learners are required to determine the appearance of the final product when unfolded.
  • Students utilize their visualization ability to find these correct CAT4 answers.

CAT4 Figure recognition section explanation


  • Each question presents a target figure.
  • so, here students should select one complex design that has exactly the same size from the one provided.
  • once again, these two CAT4 test sections also mainly assesses pattern recognition and visualisation skills.


Girl concentrating on CAT4 test

CAT4 test sample papers – – CAT 4 test sample questions 


Our most popular CAT4 resources:

Top CAT4 test preparation

Parents can support their child’s CAT4 preparation in other ways. For example, some of GL Assessment’s excellent own CAT4 videos.

If our free CAT 4 resources are not what you need, then please search here:

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