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Welcome to our 10 plus prep school exams practice. 

TOP Prep school 10+ practice papers for prep school entry exams

The focus of this page is 10+ Private School Entrance Test practice and 10+ Past Papers.

In particular, Practice English 10+ tests and Maths 10+ practice exam papers

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As excellent replica versions of real 10+ prep school entry tests, these represent THE BEST PRACTICE for 10 + exams.

Other additional positives of using these 10 + practice tests because of these features:

  • Covers all 10 plus subjects.
  • READY FOR DOWNLOAD immediately after purchase.
  • It provides unlimited 10 plus test practice access for two years.
  • BUYING THE 10+ test bundle is your best option in our opinion. Since this provides the multiple 10+ practice papers your child needs to achieve their full 10 plus exam passing potential.
  • It thereby allows for your last couple of remaining 10+ practice papers to be used as 10+ mock exams.
In summary, School Entrance Tests recommends that parents practice these 10+ past papers with their child. Doing this will help build the necessary exam-taking confidence to face all kinds of 10 plus test questions.

How do you know your child will pass their 10+ exam?

Once your child’s 10+ practice test performance has improved sufficiently, then use one of your remaining 10+ practice tests from your 10+ practice test bundle as a mock 10+ exam.
Is your child’s  10+ score high enough to pass their 10 plus prep school exam?
Consult with one of our specialist 10+ prep school tutors to find out.

Prep School English 10+ Exam past papers

For 2015 King’s College School Wimbledon’s used the following 10+ English exam papers:

10+ English – Reading Group D (King’s College School Wimbledon 2015), 

10+English – Writing Group D (King’s College School Wimbledon 2015)

10+ English – Reading (King’s College School Wimbledon 2015)

10+English – Writing (King’s College School Wimbledon 2015)

For 2011, Emanuel School in London used the following school entrance exam 10+ papers

10+ English (Emanuel 2011)
10+English (Emanuel 2010)

Maths School Entrance Exams 10 plus

A Sample paper from Emanuel School London

10+ Maths (Emanuel)

In 2013, the City of London School used this Maths paper:

10+Maths (City of London School 2013)

A specimen paper from King’s College School Wimbledon :
10+ Maths – Group D (King’s College School Wimbledon)

Passing your 10+ entry test

School Entrance Tests recommends parents and 10+ tutors follow our five-step guide to build the necessary 10+ entry exam skills to attain a 10 plus test pass.

  1. We offer many FREE past 10+ papers to introduce you to 10 plus entry exam formats.
  2. Secondly, we would also recommend that you purchase SPECIFIC 10+ practice papers here. You will find 10+ practice test for ALL INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS on our partner ExamPapersPlus’s site. BUY single 10+ practice test 1, 10 plus pratice test 2, and so on. Or we suggest purchasing one of their popular 10+ test bundles at a reduced price.
  3. As your child becomes more 10+ exam experienced, then they really need to focus their 10 plus revision on those 10+ exam section and 10+ question types that they find most difficult. And error-prone!
  4. Once they have enough confidence in their 10 plus exam skills, ask yourself if they will confidently achieve the ultimate goal of exceeding the 10+ pass mark. You may need to seek ’10 plus prep school entrance’ expert tutors advice here. If so, then we recommend that you leverage the value of one of your selected prep school-specific 10+ practice papers to act as a mock exam for your child.
  5. We highly recommend that parents/tutors carry out this 10 plus mock exam administration up under 10+ exam conditions which are as close as possible to your targetted 10+ exam conditions.

What are the benefits of using our 10+ Practice test recommendations?

  • These 10 plus exam practice materials are closest to your own specific 10 plus private school entry exam format.
  • Clearly detailed answer explanations are provided for each 10 plus question.
  • Each 10 plus practice paper breaks down the different 10 plus question types. Each 10+ question format needs to be mastered.
  • You can be assured that our practice tests are designed ro mirror the very latest 10 plus entry exam format. For each of your own school selections.

This final 10+ practice recommendation is vital here. Since the schoool entry exam market is constantly shifting across multiple providers; GL Assessment, ISEB and CEM Select are the main three exam publishers of independent school standardized assessments.


We speak as expert test developers ourselves. Infact you can contact our Founder, Rob Williams, at passedpapers@gmail.comRob Williams

An Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Rob Williams is a Chartered Psychologist with over 25 years of experience working and designing tests. He is also the author of five psychometric test design books and has worked for the  school entrance test publishers ISEB, Hodder and GL Assessment.
Whilst Rob hasn’t designed our recommended 10+ ExamPapersPlus practice tests, these were created by carefully selected authors sourced from the main indepdent school selection test publishers.

Top FREE 10+ Exam practice papers

You will find below the very latest school entrance 10 plus English and 10+ Maths past papers.

Our 10+ English practice papers for prep school entry



FREE 10+ Maths entry test practice for prep school entry



Key Points about 10+ Exams School Entrance

  • The 10+ admissions tests are taken in the Spring term in Year 5 for entry into Year 6 the following September.
  • The admissions process varies from school to school.
  • However these private schools typically test in English and maths with some adding a reasoning paper
  • Plus verbal reasoning and/or non-verbal reasoning.
  • The additional 10+ exams are at a slightly lower level than the 11+ examination.

How do 10+ Examinations relate to 11 plus exams?

  • 11+ exam entry continues to get ever more competitive.
  • Hence some parents choose for children to sit an exam a year earlier at around 10 years old.
  • There are only a few schools that offer the 10+ entry.
  • If students are successful at 10+, they are not required to take the 11+ examination the following year.
  • Unless they are wanting to be considered for a scholarship or bursary place.
  • Those unsuccessful students at 10+ entry are still able to sit the exam at 11+ entry.


10+ examination for prep school entry

The ISEB pretests described in the YouTube video above are used to select students for Year 2 entry into top schools across the country.


How best to use School Entrance Tests‘ 10+ past papers

Here is our step-by-step guide to encourage the best form of school entrance test practice. This is using the practice materials which are closest to your 10+ school entry exam. This is why we offer the very latest school entrance 8+ past paers. These are the best source for your child to use.
Year 5 prep school entrance exams


Our notes for using past school entry papers

Firstly, the above Guide to using 10+ past papers may occur alongside your child’s tutor.

Also, we also offer more challenging past 10+ papers for revision. These are supplied by our practice 8+ exam partners because of their reputation for providing high quality and engaging online (mock) exams. We recommend incorporately these at the asterisked step 5. *

Completing our 10+ Prep School practice papers is excellent preparation for 11+ past papers.


Galore Park, the ISEB publishers, also offer a comprehensive range of 10+ revision papers and revision guides for Year 5 based upon the

Year 6’s National Curriculum requirements:

AgeYearKey stageAssessment

9 to 10Year 5KS2
10 to 11Year 6KS2National tests in English reading, maths, and grammar, punctuation and spelling. Teacher assessments in English writing and science


Step by step guide to using 10+ School Entrance Tests‘ past papers

Here is our step-by-step guide to encourage the best form of school entrance test practice. Your child will most easily perfect their 10+ exam technique if you follow these steps:

  1. You need to search the School Entrance Tests‘ Index to access the top 10 plus past papers.
  2. Check that you have the correct 10 plus exam format for the prep school you are applying for here.
  3. Download the most recent 10 plus exam papers available on that page or post for your child to go through. And if absolutely necessary from other similar sites!
  4. Schedule revision sessions at least once a week. Ideally first thing in the morning on either Saturday or Sunday. Ideally both days!
  5. Initially, use the first 1-2 revision sessions to familiarise your child with the age-specific 10+ exam format and the test-specific questions types of question in those 10+ exams.
  6. If your child can complete multiple 10+ practice papers, then that is certainly the ideal.
  7. Multiple 10 plus practice papers are needed at a comparable exam format and difficulty level.
  8. It also means you can track their 10 plus exam performance progress. You can use the 10 plus exam score guidance provided for our premium exam papers. This will show you when your child is performing over and above the all-important pass grade.