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Welcome to our Year 1 test practice 5 plus exams.

Here’s some excellent replica versions of actual 5 plus tests:



Year 1 test practice 5 plus exams entry

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In summary, School Entrance Tests recommends that parents practice these past papers with their child. Doing this will help build the necessary exam-taking confidence to face all kinds of 5+ test questions.

How do you know your child will pass their 5+ exam?

Once your child’s 5+ practice test performance has improved sufficiently, then use one of the remaining 5+ practice tests from your 5+ test bundle as a mock 5+ exam.
Is their 5+ score high enough to pass their 5 plus prep school exam?
Consult with one of our specialist 5+ prep school tutors to find out.

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So, why are 5+ prep school entrance exams used?

Schools conduct 5 plus entry examinations to select students for year 5 admission into independent schools across the United Kingdom. Most 9+ plus examinations are used to gain a place in top independent schools.

Prep school 5+ exams practice papers

Here are the 4 + and 5+ National Curriculum requirements

Child’s ageYearKey stageAssessment
3 to 4Early years
4 to 5Receptionfoundation stageAssessment of pupils’ starting points in language, communication, literacy and maths and teacher assessments
5 to 6Year 1KS1Phonics screening check


NOTE: You can also use our 5+ practice papers to help with future 6 plus prep schol exams.


SEARCH the UK’s Independent/private schools that use the ISEB Common Pretest.


How best to use School Entrance Tests‘ past papers 5+ exams practice

Here is our step-by-step guide to encourage the best form of school entrance 7+ test practice. This is using the 7+ practice materials which are closest to your schoool entry exam. This is why we offer the very latest 7+ school entrance past papers. These are the best source of &+ revision for your child to use.

Step by step guide to using 5+ School Entrance Tests’ past papers

  1. You need to search the School Entrance Tests‘ Index to access the type of school entrance test which your child will be taking.
  2. Download those 5+ past papers which are the latest versions of those listed.
  3. Schedule revision sessions for your child to familiarise themselves with the 5+ exam format and question styles.
  4. As they complete more 5+ practice papers your child will perfect their exam technique.

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Our notes for using 5+ past school entry papers

Firstly, the above Guide to using past papers may occur alongside your child’s tutor.

Also, we also offer more challenging past 5+ papers for revision. These are supplied by our practice 5+ exam partners because of their reputaiton for providing high quality and engaging online (mock) exams. We recommend incorporately these at the asterisked step 5. *


Key Points about 5+ Exams School Entrance

  • Some parents wait until the end of Year 6 to move their children to a secondary school.
  • Other parents move them earlier, particularly if you are considering moving your child from a state primary school to an independent preparatory school.
  • Such prep schools primarily admit pupils at the beginning of Key Stage 2. Thus, the 7+ admissions tests are taken at the end of Year 2.

7+ Exams School Entrance children

Example London schools using 5+ exams

  • Alleyn’s Junior School
  • City of London School for Girls
  • Dulwich College Junior School
  • Eltham College
  • Haberdasher’s Aske’s School for Girls
  • Hampton School
  • Highgate School
  • Ibstock Place Prep School
  • James Allen’s Preparatory School
  • King’s College Wimbledon
  • Lady Eleanor Holles
  • North London Collegiate School
  • St Paul’s Juniors (formerly Colet Court)
  • Westminster Under School
  • Westminster Cathedral Choir School
  • University College School

Interesting independent school facts

Some independent schools also appoint learners as what they call a ‘Don’. A ‘Don’ will give feedback to the teacher on what they (and those in their class) are learning and how they are learning. A Don is, therefore, a student leader in important departments of the school. They are usually associated with academic departments. You would, therefore, get a Don for Maths or Biology, but there may also be a Don for other departments like Library. These Dons can then do the following

  • Lead activities for younger learners
  • Organise external speakers and organise extracurricular societies
  • Pop up at A level choices fairs to tell potential subscribers “what it’s really like”
  • Offer heads of department feedback on lessons and curriculum
  • Lobby for changes in what and how they are taught

Typical 5+ exams school entrance

The admissions process varies from school to school, however, usually the tests will involve English and mathematics. Some schools also include a reasoning test too, which can include both verbal and non-verbal reasoning. They can be written or computer-based tests. As with other entrance stages, schools often ask for a report from the child’s current school and those that pass the examination will often be asked back for an interview.

School Entrance Tests advice for parents

In our opinion, the best way to prepare for any Exam is to believe that your children can do it. Secondly, to manage their expectations openly. They should see the chance to get into a school as a possibility. And not a necessity. So if they don’t get in, it Is because the school was not right for them. Promote a growth mindset by avoiding the belief that your child has failed somehow.

London Pre-schools Feature

Verity’s children started their Early Years education in their local village at the primary school.  This primary school had a pre-school associated with it, so they were able to start there, aged two.

The pre-school had the same terms as the primary school. The days were a little shorter though, 9 am – 3 pm.  If Verity had had a full-time job at this time she may well have looked to send her children to an independent pre-school associated with a prep school. Schools such as these often offer school days which runs from 8 am – 6 pm. Their terms are sometimes significantly shorter though.

5+ Prep School Entry Practice Papers

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