How to pass with our top Camden private school entry exam practice

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Which are THE BEST Camden private school entry practice tests?

For each age of Camden private school entry. This is key.

* practice ALL AGES of public school entry

from 5+ exams to

11+ (independent)

to 13+ exams and 16 plus test practice. *

Also, independent schools often switch their allegiance across; GL Assessment, ISEB and CEM Select. These 3 are the main UK publishers of independent school standardized assessments.

Are you looking for the perfect private school entry mock exam?

After reviewing our own past papers we recommended buying Exam Papers Plus’s specific practice papers. You can find your school’s exam by name. Then you have a ‘mock exam’ which is as close as you will find to your child’s actual exam.


DO FOLLOW our five-step guide to build the necessary private school entry exam skills to get in.

  1. Firstly review any FREE private school entry papers. We offer hundreds on this site. Find those that are at your child’s entry age for prep school.
  2. Secondly, we would also recommend that you purchase SPECIFIC practice papers here. You will find 10+ practice test for ALL INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS on our partner ExamPapersPlus’s site. BUY single practice test 1, practice test 2, etc. Or we suggest purchasing one of their popular entry test bundles at a reduced price.
  3. As your child becomes gains entry exam experience, then they really need to focus their revision on the exam section(s) and question types that they find most difficult in their private school exam.
  4. Once your child has enough prep school test-taking confidence, then ask yourself if they will confidently achieve the ultimate goal of passing this school selection stage. You may need to ask one of our top ’London prep school’ expert tutors. At this stage your child can leverage the value of one of your selected prep school-specific practice papers to act as a mock exam for your child.
  5. School Entrance Tests highly recommends that tutors, or parents, carry out this mock exam administration under those specific exam conditions that apply to school exams. We repear that to maximise the benefits, this entry exam administration should be as close as possible to your target exam.

What are the benefits of using our practice test recommendations?

  • The independent school-specific ExamPapersPlus exam practice materials are the closest prep school entry practice tests you will find anywhere online.
  • Clearly detailed answer explanations are provided for each question across all of the private school exam papers and sub-sections.
  • Each ExamPapersPlus test practice paper breaks down the different question types for your selected private school entry. Each of these question formats needs to be mastered!
  • You can be assured that our practice tests are designed to mirror the very latest entry exam format. For any independent school selection that you need.


Plus, search for ISEB, CEM common entrance pre-tests practice for every London Borough.


Top practice tests for Camden private schools and the best Camden prep schools test practice.

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