THE best 7+ Prep School Entry Practice Papers for Year 3 admissions 2024

Welcome to our Year 5 test practice 7 plus exams.

Year 3 test practice 7 plus exams entry

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Why is this the BEST 7 plus entry test practice?

  •  because they are the closest replica versions of your child’s real 7 plus exams..
  • Covers all the necessary 7 plus topics and 7 plus exam subjects.
  • READY FOR DOWNLOAD immediately after purchase.
  • It provides unlimited access for two years. 

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In summary, the exam papers plus 7 plus test practice packs offer THE BEST 7+ exam practice.


Need extra 7 plus English or 7 plus Maths practice?

What if my child is struggling with the 7 plus English or 7 plus Maths paper specifically?

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How best to use our 7+ prep school entry practice tests

Our extensive 7+ private school exam papers cover the range of selective prep schools. Since these do vary in difficulty, we are not suggesting that everyone be used for your child’s 7+ preparation. Rather, School Entrance Tests recommends:

  1. Conducting 7+ entry exam revision using your own specimen 7+ set.
  2. So, we suggest that parents and tutors start by downloading and printing out specimen papers.
  3. Then sift through the individual 7 plus past papers. Put the whole seven + exam bundle in to approximate order of increasing difficulty.
  4. This way allows whomever is supervising the child’s 7 plus revision sessions to select a challenging paper each time.
  5. The paper needs to be set at your child’s current 7+ ability level. So neither too easy. Nor too challenging.

What if my child is applying to one of the most highly selective prep schools?

Buy a challenging set of 7+ exams in a signal 7+ test bundle. The following provides the multiple 7+ practice papers your child needs to achieve their full 7+ exam passing potential:


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Yes these are challenging, However, once your child has completed these then their actual 7+ exam will seem much less challenging. Challenging practice with replica 7 plus test versions is ideal 7+ prep. Specifically designed for those applying to the most selective prep school entry.
Once your child’s 7+ practice test performance has improved sufficiently, then use one of your remaining 7+ practice tests from your 7+ practice test bundle as a mock 7+ exam.

Is your child’s  7+ score high enough to pass their 7 plus prep school exam?

Consult with one of our specialist 7+ tutors to find out:

Rob Williams

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Rob consults for independent school test publishers: GL Assessment ; Cambridge AssessmentHodder Education, and the ISEB.



What if my child is struggling with specific 7+ topics?

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FREE sample English 7+ and Maths 7+ papers

Maths 7 plus past papers

FREE sample Maths 7+ papers

  • Solving these 7 plus past exam papers will give your child good practice in questions ranging from difficulty level easy to hard.
  • We advise parents to practice these 7 plus past papers alongside their child.
  • Doing this will help build confidence to face all kinds of questions. It will also improve your child’s performance in their plus school tests.

So, why are 7 plus school exams used?

  • Private schools conduct 7+ entry exams to select pupils for year 3 admission into independent schools across the United Kingdom.
  • Hence most 7 plus plus examinations are used to gain a place in top independent schools.

Six steps to ensure your child’s own 7+ entry exam success

  1. Encourage your child to practice with one of our top 7+ test prep resources every weekend.
  2. If you also track each week’s 7 plus entry exam progress then you will quickly learn which 7+ test techniques work best for them.
  3. Conduct 7+ pass / 7+ fail reviews to establish which 7 plus test sections your child finds the most challenging.
  4. Both in terms of 7+ exam time taken and getting that type of 7 plus question correct.
  5. This allows the 7+ parent or 7+ tutor to focus in the later 7 plus assessment study periods on  on those.
  6. Adopt the most efficient 7+ passing strategies which work for them.

Year 2/3 Maths Study Pack

English 7 Plus practice tests; 7+ Maths test practice;

English Year 7 past papers and Maths Year 7 past papers.