Figure Classification CAT4 test practice sample questions

Welcome to our introduction to the CAT4 Figure Classification practice test sample questions (by GL Assessment). We also offer premium CAT4 test practice to purchase and other free CAT4 resources.

CAT4 figure classification practice test sample questions

These are by GL Assessment.

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The two most relevant 2023 CAT4 Samples are here:

Figure Matrices CAT 4 sample and CAT 4 Figure Classification sample.


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School Entrance Tests recommend as a first CAT 4 revision step, reviewing our FREE CAT 4 Figure Classification sample questions. Then moving onto the targeted CAT4 Figure Classification below.
NOTE: ensure you purcahse the correct age level for your child.

Top six benefits of these CAT 4 practice tests

  1. Firstly, these are THE most accurate and efficient way to prepare for the CAT4 Figure Classification module.
  2. And secondly, they will introduce your child to all of the possible types of CAT4 Figure Classification exam question.
  3. Thirdly, for each level, there’s a unique set of 6 online practice tests that will help your child prepare for the Figure Classification module in the CAT4 test.
  4. Detailed visual explanations are provided for every CAT4 Figure Classification question.
  5. For each CAT4 level, there’s a unique set of 6 targeted CAT4 practice tests that will help your child prepare for the Figure Classification module in the CAT4 test.
  6. By researching the Figure Classification module in detail, we’ve replicated each Figure Classification question type.


How to improve using CAT4 Spatial Reasoning Video Course.


In the Figure Classification test, each question presents students with three separate figures. They have to identify the conceptual link or underlying characteristic that all three figures have in common. They then have to select the one figure from five answer options that goes with the first three.

This test assesses the ability to identify similarities, differences and relationships between elements.


Are there other CAT4 skill requirements?

Yes. All of the four key aptitude test areas are assessed by the CAT4 battery.

Each by two CAT4 sections, as shown below alongside 2023 CAT4 Figure Classification..


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