Are the CAT4 Figure Matrices questions your child’s weakest link?

Welcome to our introduction to GL Assessment.‘s CAT4 Figure Matrices practice test questions. We offer TOP CAT4 test practice incl the best CAT4 practice tests for each school year group entry. The CAT4 is a school assessment battery published by GL Assessment.

CAT4 Figure Matrices test practice (Years 4 to 12)

We offer top CAT4 Figure Matrices test prep on our CAT4 post content encompassing all your child needs to know to improve their specific CAT4 skills in this spatial reasoning area. You can find:
  • CAT 4 Figure Matrices test practice for each school year and
  • Sample CAT4 Figure Matrices questions below and explanations of each different CAT4 reasoning skill required to pass the CAT4.
CAT4 Figure Matrices example question

Our step- by-step CAT4 revision guide for parents and CAT4 tutors

School Entrance Tests believe your first step is reviewing the eight CAT4 sections. We therefore provide a free sample on each of our CAT4 section pages. The free CAT4 Number Analogies sample is provided here:


Step-by-step CAT4 practice test guide for tutors and parents

  • We recommend as a first CAT 4 revision step, reviewing our FREE CAT 4 Figure Classification sample questions. Then moving onto the targeted CAT4 Figure Classification below.
  • Then secondly, reviewing the different types of CAT 4 question within each of the eight CAT4 sections. We recommend purchasing the specific school year practice CAT4 Papers from the buttons above. This is because all the types of Figure Analysis question are included multiple times. Thus your child will receive plenty of practice in all Figure Analysis question types.
  • And thirdly focusing on the training video(s) for the CAT4 sections where your CAT4 performance is the weakest.


How are non-verbal reasoning skills being assessed by the CAT4 Figure Matrices?

  • In the Figure Matrices test, each question presents a figural analogy in the form of ‘A-B, C-_’.
  • Students have to work out how the first pair of figures is related to each other and then select from five answer options the one that completes the second pair.