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Here is are top free 11 plus past papers:

11 Plus English Sample (Emanuel School) 2020

Maths Paper 1 Sample (Emanuel School) 2020

11 Plus Maths Paper2 Sample (Emanuel School) 2020

Maths Sample (Forest School) 2020

11 Plus English Sample (Trinity School) 2021

Maths Sample (Trinity School) 2021

11 Plus Maths Sample (Trinity School) 2021 Answers

Plus Maths Sample (Aldenham School) 2020

11+ English (City of London School for Boys) 2020 Sample

Plus Maths (City of London School for Boys) 2020 Sample

11+ English Sample (Sevenoaks School) 2020

Plus English Sample (Sevenoaks School) 2021

11+ Maths Sample (Sevenoaks School) 2020

Plus Maths Sample (Sevenoaks School) 2021

11+ Maths Sample (Sevenoaks School) 2019

Plus English Sample (Sevenoaks School) 2019

Why are these the best 11+ practice exams?

  1. All of the unusual 11+ verbal reasoning, 11+ maths and 11+ non-verbal reasoning question formats are included.Thereby, ensuring your child has exposure to all of the 11 plus question type possibilities that appear in each 11+ exam paper.
  2. Hence these 11+ practice test packs are, in our opinion, the most accurate 11+ Practice Tests you will find anywhere online.
  3. Your child will feel more confident about their 11 plus exam day once they know exactly what type of 11 plus questions to expect. Plus, they will have learnt how to approach each of the numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning modules.
  4. There will be no surprises on exam day which could put a pass into question!

THE top 11 plus revision tips from 11+ test prep specialist

  1. School Entrance Tests recommends familiarising yourself with the various questions formats for each CEM Select numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning type.
  2. This is because the first key consideration in passing all the different 11 plus exams is time. It is unlike ISEB’s alternative selective school tests in the number of questions you’re expected to answer within the time available. Any 11+ exam type requires you to work as efficiently and accurately as possible. Aim to average approximately 15-20 seconds per 11+ question.
  3. The second key consideration is accuracy. Certainly, if your child is not already used to checking their answers, they need to start doing this when practising this 11+ strategy. Even double checking their answers!
  4. The best school entry exams to use in your practice school entrance sessions should be close as possible to the challenges of your actual 11+ exam.
  5. School Entrance Tests also recommend taking multiple practice tests. Since this 11+ preparation then incorporates learnings from your previous 11+ practice papers.
  6. As with most selective school entry tests, there are a range of different verbal reasoning question formats. Firstly, use our recommended 11+ practice tests. The following free verbal reasoning papers will also be useful practice. Above all it is your child’s vocabulary which is being tested here. So, also read widely and at as advanced a level as possible.


What does the 11+ exam test?

Principally KS2 and the National Curriculum. For English and for Maths.

CEM Select paper 1 is English and verbal reasoning.

Paper 2 is maths and non- verbal reasoning.



CEM 11+ grammars



How to pass the 11+ Test

At such a young age, children should not, in an ideal world, ever feel stressed about things like exams, and as such the more relaxed your child feels about his or her 11 plus tuition, the better. A sad reality of the 11 plus is that every year over-stressed children come out of the exam in floods of tears, and nothing will make your child more panicky on the day than a stressful couple of weeks leading up to the test.

We would recommend that you begin light preparations for your child while they are in year 4.

No more than a couple of hours a week should be necessary in the early days, and no more than four or five hours each week even as it gets closer to the actual test. Burdening your child with too much work too soon will simply put them off the process all together. If you are finding that you need to spend huge amounts of time tutoring your child, perhaps it would be wise to question if grammar school is the best environment for them.


Background Reading for the 11+

Reading allows your child to expand his or her vocabulary beyond the typical range of topics; as the old adage goes, reading truly does broaden the mind.

11 plus Maths Tips

It is always best to ensure that your child is confident with everything on the KS2 maths syllabus. Reports from your child’s school should give an indication of whether your child has any major gaps in his/her knowledge. Use Key Stage 2 maths revision resources to fill any of these gaps, and be sure to revisit material that your child struggles on regularly.

Schools often take a modular approach to maths, which means that, if they cover fractions in September of Year 4, they may not cover them again until September of Year 5, by which time they’ve completely forgotten how to do them! Try to resist the temptation to ‘overrule’ your child when examining different methods with which to tackle the basic operations in maths.

The most important thing is to ensure that your child is confident with the basics in the following areas:

The 11 plus exam topic-by-topic

Maths 11+ intro

Place value, square and cube numbers and roots, prime numbers, factors. Fractions – finding fractions of amounts, equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, proper fractions, improper fractions, mixed numbers, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.

  • Time: Analogue, digital, 12 hour, 24 hour, world time zones.
  • Decimals, fractions and percentages. Rounding to a given number of decimal places.
  • Money, our coinage system, currency conversion.
  • Measurement, metric units of length, mass and capacity.
  • Area and perimeter including compound shapes. Surface area and volume.
  • Mean, median, mode and range.
  • Percentages.
  • Ratio and probability, scale.
  • Angles, shapes, compass points, symmetry


11+ English Comprehension

  • Cloze passages with missing words, again make up your own on subjects that you know will interest your child. You know best what interests your child!
  • Lots of practice at shuffled sentences is the key to success at this particular element of the CEM test.
  • I find that children improve dramatically with lots of exposure to these question types.


Pre-test Non-Verbal Reasoning exam paper

  • Be sure to test your child’s ability in the Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR) component as early as possible.
  • Many girls perform very well in this section, and equally some boys will struggle.
  • The best way to improve at NVR is simply practice, practice and more practice.


11+ Mock Exam Practice

Talk to the mock providers – the best ones are the tuition companies that are completely transparent and allow you as parents to see the papers and give a relative score for the cohort.


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Top FREE PRACTICE 11 plus past papers


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