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11 plus mocks

School Entrance Tests feel that the value of 11 plus mocks is often overlooked. Being able to gauge current performance levels is vital.

These 11 plus revision tips complement our features on 11 plus maths papers, the top grammar schools and 11 plus verbal reasoning papers.

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11 plus mock providers

Here are the top 11 plus mock providers for each grammar school region:

  • Berkshire Reading and Slough 11 plus mock providers
  • Birmingham 11 plus mocks
  • Buckinghamshire 11 plus practice mock
  • Cumbria 11 plus mocks
  • Devon 11+ practice
  • Dorset 11 plus mock exams
  • Essex CSSE mocks
  • Gloucestershire
  • Hertfordshire
  • Kent  and North Kent Medway
  • Lancashire
  • Lincolnshire
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Warwickshire East and South
  • Wiltshire
  • Wolverhampton and Shropshire
  • Yorkshire Calderdale , Kirklees and North

London 11 plus mock providers

  • Barnet
  • Bexley
  • Bromley
  • Enfield
  • Kingston
  • Redbridge
  • Sutton

11 Plus Mock Exam Benefits

There are many 11 Plus mock exam benefits. 11+ mocks are particularly useful for these reasons in particular:

  1. Benchmarking is then possible. In other words, how your child’s current 11 plus performance compares to other pupils. These will also be preparing to perform at their best in their 11 plus exam. Hence the strong competition!
  2. Informing parents / pupils / tutors where there are 11 plus knowledge gaps:
  3. When the actual test comes it won’t be the first time children have been through a real 11 plus exam process.
  4. An 11+ mock exam can help to ensure children are used to the stressful exam process in advance. Hence reducing the impact on their nerves and mental stamina of having to sit two or more exams in close succession.
  5. If a mock 11 plus results report is made available then this will:
    • Show how your child’s performance cames to others results.
    • Plus, flag specific knowledge gaps.
    • Thereby allowing parents / pupils / tutors to plan the most impactful final 11 plus preparation.


How to organise your own 11+ mock day at home

Grammar schools publishing past 11+ papers

  • School Entrance Tests recommend using the school’s own downloadable written papers whenever these are made available online.
  • In some cases schools publish past exams to give you a chance to work on the real 11 plus exam.
  • Do ensure these are full 11 plus papers or do not include all the disciplines.


GL 11 Plus Grammar Schools 

11+ mock plan for Grammar Schools Using CEM Tests

CEM 11 Plus Tests currently test all four disciplines:

  • Maths is called Numerical Reasoning,
  • English Comprehension is combined into Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning)

There are two tests of 45 minutes each in CEM 11 plus tests.

Each CEM 11 plus paper will contain a selection of Maths and English Comprehension questions from the disciplines.

In other words, there could be Non-Verbal Reasoning 11+ CEM question, then a CEM 11 plus Maths question, and after that a Verbal Reasoning 11+ CEM question.


Before the mock 11 plus day

  • Set a date and time a few days in advance. This will build a sense of anticipation. And mirror the mental preparation needed for your child’s actual 11 plus exam.
  • You will need to find a quiet room which is as close to 11 plus exam conditions as possible to get.


How to administer your own 11 plus mock exam at home

  • Essentially you want to make the 11 plus mock examination process as realistic as possible.
  • So keep the time allowed as close to the actual test as possible.
  • Are two or more papers required? Prepare all the exam papers in advance. The night before ideally.


Marking your own 11 plus mock exam at home

  • Do this as quickly as possible once your child has finished.
  • Your feedback will have more impact the sooner this occurs after your child has finished their mock 11 plus exam.
  • Discuss the issue of stamina with your child including any pressure they felt, it will help them to adjust and cope with the day itself.


Feeding back your child’s home based mock 11 plus exam results

  • Firstly, be realistic if this is their first mock 11 plus exam.
  • It is quite normal for children to struggle more on a properly structured mock exam than they do during individual test papers.
  • Your child will probably do much better second time. This is because most children become much more relaxed once they are familiar with the mock 11 plus exam process.
  • Where you see lots of little mistakes creeping in this will be a function of the pressure of the day coupled with the time demands of the mock exam itself. It is these mistakes which will be the difference between success and failure on the day.
  • Anything you can do to further embed core 11 plus skills (attention to detail, checking) will be Invaluable on the day of the actual 11 plus exam.

11 plus mocks