Which are our most popular independent school Maths 11+ Exam Practice Papers for 2023 entry?

Here’s our most popular Maths 11+ Exam Practice Papers for 2022/3 independent and grammar school entry.

Our most popular 11 plus Maths paper for grammar school entry is the 11+ Maths (Grammar Schools) Pack 1.


Our top maths 11+ past papers – independent school entry

The most popular 11 plus Maths paper for independent school entry is the 11+ Maths (Independent Schools) Pack 1.

The three main test publishers of 11 plus exams for all selectie school entry (grammar school 11 plus and priate school 11 plus) are CEM, GL Assessment and the ISEB.

Here is test publisher ISEBs own familiarisation Maths test for independent school entry and ISEB’s Maths practice resources:

Maths ISEB free practice test

Maths – Sample Test 2020 [Secondary Entrance] and Maths – Sample Test Solutions 2020.


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We provide you with what School Entrance Tests believe to be the MOST relevant maths past papers. We have selected these from the maths papers of the most highly ranked and popular independent schools. That means both private schools and grammar schools.

Our top Maths past papers for 2022 school entry are shown below. Or you may prefer to Practice specific maths skills by using a course such as this

Quantitative Reasoning Video Course.



Son and father doing maths at table. Maths Independent school exam.

BEST Maths past papers for ISEB Common pretest practice 2022


CSSE, find more of these on our Free Essex 11 Plus Papers -CSSE

Aldenham School Entrance:

Alleyn’s School Entrance

Bancroft’s School Entrance:

City of London School Entrance:


Colfe’s School Maths Sample Paper

Dulwich College


Emanuel School

Highgate School

King’s College School Wimbledon

Latymer Upper School

Manchester Grammar School

Rob Williams Assessment ‘s useful pointers for doing well on maths tests



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