Our recommended 12+ test practice and 13+ school Entry exam practice papers for 2023 entry

Welcome to our 13 Plus and 12 Plus Exam practice.

13+ test practice / 12 Plus Exam practice

Welcome to our 12+ practice papers for Year 6 entry exams.

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What are the key features of the Late transfer test?

  • Determines a child’s suitability to join a grammar school in Years 8 or 9.
  • Allows additional time to prepare.
  • Strong academic focus on the core subjects and is used by many of the top grammar schools in the UK.
  • Always on the basis of available grammar school spaces in those year groups.

Who takes the Late transfer test?

It is aimed at Years 7 and 8 pupils who’ve narrowly missed out on an 11 plus pass (to gain entry to grammar school). Although not all grammar schools accept 12+ exam (13+ exam entry).

What happens is that to, three or more grammar school places can become available for two reasons:

  • Firstly, if there are too few grammar school applicants in a particular 11+ year.
  • Secondly, pupils who decide, for whatever reason, to leave their grammar school in the middle of a term.

What Does the 12+ exam (13+ Exam) Involve?

  • The exam tests ability in the core subjects: English, Maths and Reasoning
  • Every school has a slightly different exam structure, but generally, children are tested on their abilities in the core subjects of Maths, English and Reasoning.