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The UCAT requires several aptitude tests to be practiced.

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  • The UCAT, or the university clinical aptitude test, is an entrance examination for any applicant willing to study medicine or dentistry in the UK or non-UK universities.
  • It needs to be conducted by anyone looking for a position at any medical or dental school in the same year.
  • You should refer to the UCAT website for further information on the dates and the examination centres as these keep on changing as per the norms and availability.
  • Only limited spaces are available in universities, so only the best of the best will be selected.
  • The UCAT is designed to measure the essential characteristics required for clinicians.
  • In addition to improve doctors’ competence, ethics, and clinical standards.

What does the UCAT test?

A number of subtests is included in the UCAT such as

  • UCAT Verbal Reasoning,
  • Decision Making UCAT,
  • UCAT Quantitative Reasoning,
  • Abstract Reasoning UCAT and
  • UCAT Situational Judgement Test.

FREE UCAT Quantitative reasoning tests 

Registering for the UCAT

The UCAT registration process is quite easy, and almost anyone can do it by following the below steps;

  • Firstly, registration usually opens in June for the preceding academic year, and one must apply during that window. If someone has not applied in that window, they cannot participate in the coming year’s UCAT examination.
  • Secondly, an application can only have one account, and the test can be attempted once for a certain academic year.
  • Thirdly, a student should only and only use their legal name as it appears on their photo ID. The student should also have their UCAS applications for allowing the UCAT results, which need to be automatically uploaded and available for certain universities.

UCAT Registration

Once a student has filled out their forms and answered the questions, a profile needs to be created, and the applicants will receive an email containing a login ID and password. The one-time password will need to be changed later on.

Any student can register for the UCAT at their official website (UK version). Other versions of UCAT are also available for students with different circumstances. It is important to visit them first, to understand the one suitable for your geological and ethnicity, and professional conditions.


Steps for Preparing for the UCAT

Important to manage and arrange time to prepare for UCAT as it is a difficult test.
Gaining all important details about the UCAT including its subtests, question types and timing.
Identifying appropriate strategies to deal with different question types.
Taking a full UCAT mock test under exam style timed conditions.
Identifying weaknesses and make proper plan to overcome them.
Conducting regular subtest in the weak zone for better results.

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