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Tips for improving your CAT4 test practice

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  1. Establish How to interprete a CAT 4 results report.
  2. Learn what the different CAT 4 sections look like.
  3. Practice with the correct year CAT 4 test for your own child.


CAT4 training video courses

We believe these CAT4 learning reosurces are also highly beneficial for specialist CAT4 tutors, and for school teachers using the cat4, tutors. Plus, those parents with children about to sit a CAT4 assessment at school. Any of these CAT4 users may wish to know what the CAT4 test-taker needs to understand about:

  • Each Cat4 question type
  • CAT4 techniques
  • Associated CAT4 syllabus requirements.


is an online course that consists of 32 video lessons that comprehensively cover every known Verbal Reasoning question type that could come up in the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT). You can view the full course outline and watch a sample video lesson by clicking the green button above.

Each cat 4 reasoning video training course is designed for CAT4 pupils across all difficulty levels. They cover the full CAT4 range from The Year 4 CAT4 (Level A CAt4) to the Year 11 cat4 for sixth form entry. Otherwise known as the CAT4 Level G.

  • Over 9.5 hours of high quality video lessons
  • Step-by-step techniques and methods to master the Verbal Section of the Cognitive Abilities Test
  • All known Verbal Reasoning question types covered
  • Ideal preparation for the CAT4 assessment
  • Systematic, comprehensive, interactive and effective
  • Build confidence and improve performance
  • Developed and taught by entrance test experts
  • Available immediately after purchase

Why BUY CAT4 VERBAL Reasoning Video Training?

  • This course will introduce your child to all of the possible question types that could come up in their exam. This means that their actual assessment will pose no surprises and that they will not only be familiar with the material but will also be equipped with the tools and techniques to deal with every question confidently, accurately and efficiently.
  • The total length of the video lessons in the course is just under 10 hours. The video lessons can be watched in any order, as many times as you like.
  • We have created our own custom video interface that allows users to easily add their own notes to any video and to mark lessons as complete once they have been watched and understood.
  • Once the course has been purchased, it will be immediately available in your personal online dashboard. You will have lifetime access to the course and can watch the videos as many times as you like. The video lessons can be watched on any device. All you need is an internet connection.

CAT Verbal Analogies question types and CAT Verbal Classification section

The two CAT4 modules (CAT4 Verbal Analogies and CAT4 Verbal Classification) make-up 25% of a total CAT4 score.

  • We’ve analysed them in great detail, breaking the content down into a series of question types. The videos in this course offer a systematic approach to mastering each one. Each video lesson deals with one question type, which is first introduced with an explanation and a worked example.
  • This is followed by further interactive worked examples, emphasizing specific techniques to deal with each question type in the most efficient manner. Key tips and advice are presented throughout each video lesson.
  • Finally, there are a number of practice questions for students to try themselves to reinforce and consolidate what they have learnt. These are timed to match the actual exam. Thorough explanations are then provided for each of these practice questions.


CAT4 question or CAT4 challenge that you can’t find the answer to?

Rob WilliamsThen ask our CAT4 assessment design expert , your questions by emailing

An Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Rob Williams is a Chartered Psychologist with over 25 years of experience working and designing tests.
Rob has consulted for many of the top school entrance test publishers, including the ISEBCambridge Assessment ; Hodder Education, and the actual GL CAT4 publishers themselves.



Further key cat4 themes

  • Firstly, cats tests for year 4 / grade 3 CAT4 test, and year 4 cat tests. Alongside, cognitive ability test year 4 and year 4 cat test sample questions.
  • Secondly, year 5 cat tests, and also cats tests for year 5. Alongside, cognitive ability test year 5 and year 5 cat test sample questions.
  • Third, cats tests for year 6 / grade 5 CAT4 test, and year 6 cat tests. Alongside, cognitive ability test year 6 and year 6 cat test sample questions.
  • And then next, year 7 cat tests, and also cats tests for year 7. Alongside, cognitive ability test year 7 and year 7 cat test sample questions.
  • Also, cats tests for year 8 / grade 7 CAT4 test, and year 8 cat tests. Alongside, cognitive ability test year 8 and year 8 cat test sample questions.
  • And then next, cats tests for year 9 / grade 8 CAT4 test,  year 9 cat tests. Alongside, cognitive ability test year 9 and year 9 cat test sample questions.
  • Also, year 10 cat tests / grade 9 cat4 tests, and also cats tests for year 10. Alongside, cognitive ability test year 10 and year 10 cat test sample questions.
  • Finally, year 11 cat tests / grade 10 cat4 tests, and also cats tests for year 11. Alongside, cognitive ability test year 11 and year 11 cat test sample questions.