Our 2024 guide to the UK’s top state schools

Looking for your nearest top performing state schools 2024?

Which are the best performing 2024 state schools near me?

Best performing 2024 national schools

Scottish schools , Welsh schools and Northern Ireland state secondary schools.


Top 2024 state schools – best performing state primary and secondary schools 2024

1. Wilson’s School,
2. Queen Elizabeth’s School
3. The Henrietta Barnett
4. Pate’s Grammar School
5. St Olave’s Grammar School
6. Colchester Grammar School
7. The Tiffin Girls’ School
8. Reading School
9. King Edward VI School
10. Altrincham Grammar School for girls
11. King Edward VI Grammar School
12. Chelmsford County High School for Girls
13=. King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys
13=. Colyton Grammar School
15. Kendrick School
16. Tonbridge Grammar School
17=. Tiffin School
17= . Lumen Christi College
19. Dartford Grammar School
20. King Edward VI Camp Hill School for girls


Regional 2024 school league tables



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