How to interpret the 2024 Sunday Times school league tables

The following is a guide to interpreting the

2024 Sunday Times school leagues

TOP independent schools entry test prep

BEST private schools 11+ entry test 


Which entry test practice formats should my child use to practice?

School entrance tests are constantly changing formats.

The three school entry exam publishers are: GL Assessment, ISEB and CEM Select.

Familiarizing your child with their entry Test content & entry exam formats. Increase your child’s confidence as part of their prep.

What are the benefits of using our our Practice test recommendations?

  • These 16 plus exam practice materials are closest to your own specific school entry exam format.
  • Clearly detailed answer explanations are provided for each question.
  • Each 16 plus practice paper breaks down the different question types. Each question format needs to be mastered.
  • You can also use the following private school practice tests as your mock exam paper. This is because they mirror the real test’s content.


Regional 2024 school league tables


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