Our 2023 recommended CAT4 Level A practice test papers

Welcome to our 9+ CAT4 Level A Practice Testsincluding some of GL Education’s CAT4 examples and recommended CAT4 preparation materials below.

CAT4 Level A practice test papers




The top CAT4 Level A exam practice test papers

The wide range of GL Assessments CAT4 Level a to CAT4 Level g assess any pupil’s strengths and weaknesses for any school year. These are standardised assessments or aptitude tests, but more advanced than traditional school

How do I prepare my child for their CAT4 test?

  1. Read this feature to learn what your CAT4 results mean for your child.
  2. Get familiar with the type of questions in the CAT4 test.
  3. And what each CAT 4 test section is assessing.


Age 10+ cat4 level a practice test online free and cat4 test examples CAT4 Level A Practice Tests.


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Level A CAT4 preparation

Parents can support their child’s Level A CAT4 preparation in the following ways:

  • By organizing various teaching methods that suit their child’s learning process best.
  • Providing a suitable, quiet working environment.
  • Provide new books and magazines which will encourage the learning of new words. Plus word meaning and different uses.
  • Arrange scientific experiments that can help to boost their child’s enthusiasm for learning CAT4-related concepts.

How the CAT4 will be used by your child’s schools

  • CogAT will test your child’s cognitive skills. Or reasoning skills. Rather than their academic skills. Such skills are usually not taught in school.
  • Once a tutor or parent needs to practice a few CAT4 sample papers or CAT4 mock tests.
  • Then, it is time for the tuor or parent to analyse where the child is getting mst types of question wrong.
  • Or do they need their future CAT4 practice / CAT4 tutoring to focus one either the quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning or non-verbal reasoning test paper?
  • Keep monitoring their progress. In particular, look for improved scores on their weaker CAT4 question types / CAT4 practice papers.
  • That means assigning more questions of these weaker topics. Then to offer specifc guidance on where mistakes are being made.

How do schools use CAT4 test results?

  1. Primarily to determine the reasoning qualities of a child and compares his or her progress to the children of the same age and groups.
  2. Aligned with the above as a means of tracking in detail an individual student’s learning progress.
  3. But also to show teachers how best to teach individual students.


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How should I prepare for the CAT4?

Well, here’s how GL Assessment introduce their CAT4:



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