How Family Relationships impact well-being

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Impact of How Family Relationships impact well-being

You may have heard that it takes many people to help you raise a child. In some cases, you might have an extended family that will be able to lend a hand. Keep reading for a few ways to utilize your family to help encourage and teach your kids.

Importance of Extended Family

When your children are able to spend time with their extended family or relations, this can have a long-lasting impact on them. It can show them how important family is, they may be able to learn many things, and they might also experience unconditional love. Research shows that a child may have better success in school when they see positive interaction between their family and their extended family.

Besides just being able to make an impact on a child, having family around can also make a difference for the parents. If you are able to lean on loved ones when you need a favor or you must talk about an issue you are facing, this is something that could help you lower your stress and anxiety. Your children may be watching this as well and develop a better understanding of how family should treat each other.

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Influences Their Learning

One way to encourage your student through extended family relationships is by allowing them to learn from their relatives. Maybe your son is interested in baseball, and you have an uncle that played in college. If you allow them to spend quality time with each other, your son may be able to learn everything he wants to about the sport, and at the same time, he will be spending quality time with his uncle.

Your children may also be able to learn more about their culture from their extended family. They might be able to cook special recipes with grandpa or learn more about their ancestors from a great-aunt. These are situations that can be invaluable to your offspring and provide instances to make memories.

Spending Time Together

Besides just spending time one on one, it can be advantageous to hang out with many extended family members at once. If there is a special occasion and your kids will have time to meet many relatives in the same place, this is something that can benefit them as well. They may have a chance to understand how many people love them and how big their support system can be.

Another thing to consider is that if your children have the ability to hang out with people of different ages, this can provide them with a bigger world view than if they only visited with those in their own household or kids their age.

Help Available When Necessary

As a parent, when you have others to lean on once you need help, this can be supportivefor you and your children. Maybe you need grandma to babysit, or your kids want to spend time with their cousins over a holiday weekend. When you are able to lean on family in this manner, this can take a load off of your mind, and it may help your children see how family should be there for each other.

If you don’t have a large family to lend a hand when it comes to raising your kids, this doesn’t mean that they will not be resilient and able to learn and grow. Children can benefit from the love and support of people that care about them, and they don’t have to be related. Think about who you consider family and want around your kids; they may be the ones that can help you with your student.


A child can learn many things from their relatives, so you should bring them around family when it is possible. They may be able to learn more about their heritage, activities they are interested in, and can find out how family should interact with each other as well. These things may be able to influence them in school, and other aspects of their lives too.