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Welcome to our 13+ Westminster entry test prep papers feature.

Westminster Scholarship 13+ test practice

The Westminster Scholarship exams are very challenging. Whilst past exam papers are available below, these do not have answers or explanatory guides. Hence we recommend purchasing additional practice guides / mark schemes specifically designed for the Westminster Scholarship papers. In fact before we list these Westminster scholarship practice packs, here’s School Entrance Tests‘ own step-by-step to passing your private school entrance exam.


2022 past Westminster Scholarship papers

Past papers Westminster Scholarship exams 2021

Recommended Westminster scholarship test practice steps

1. Find the most recent Westminster Scholarship past papers from the list above. These Westminster scholarship exam practice materials are closest to the Westminster entry exam. Closest is best. And these are closest in terms of both Westminster entrance 3am content and also Westminster exam difficulty level.

2. Schedule Westminster scholarship exam revision sessions at least once a week.

3. Initially, use the first 1-2 revision sessions to familiarise your child with the Westminster exam format. To include the different types of Westminster exam question too.

4. As your child will perfect their 10+ exam technique, track their Westminster exam progress against the pass mark benchmark provided in those Westminster practice tests you purchased above.


Introducing Westminster Scholarship exams

As you’d expect, Westminster Scholarship exams are challenging assessments. Whilst past exam papers can be freely downloaded at Westminster School’s website ( Westminster scholarship past papers), these do not have answers or explanatory guides.

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Introducing the Independent Schools Council

We recommend that you read the independent, non-profit ISC’s Getting an independent school scholarship.

The ISC represents about 80% independent schools in the UK. Independent schools that belong to the ISC are inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) according to a framework agreed upon between the various assessment bodies including the Department for Education and Ofsted.


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13+ Westminster test prep Scholarship practice papers.

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