Past 16+ papers St Mary’s Cambridge entry exam test prep

Welcome to our recommended St Mary’s Cambridge test practice and our guide to applying for a private school scholarship.

St Mary’s Cambridge test practice steps


1. Find the most recent St Mary’s Cambridge past papers below.

2. Schedule St Mary’s Cambridge exam revision sessions at least once a week.

3. Initially, use the first 1-2 revision sessions to familiarise your child with the St Mary’s Cambridge exam format. To include the different types of St Mary’s Cambridge exam question too.

4. As your child will perfect their Rugby entrance exam technique, track their Rugby exam progress against the St Mary’s Cambridge pass mark benchmark provided in any St Mary’s CambridgeĀ practice tests you’ve purchased.

Past St Mary’s Cambridge exam papers


Introducing the Independent Schools Council

We recommend that you read the independent, non-profit ISC’s Getting an independent school scholarship.

The ISC represents about 80% independent schools in the UK. These are inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) according to a framework agreed upon between the various school assessment bodies including the Department for Education and Ofsted.


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