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Critical reasoning 11 plus tips

Critical Thinking and Analysis test practice

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Critical reasoning 11+, inference skills 11+ and other new types of 11+ practice

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Critical Reasoning 11 plus items are:

  • A new-ish part of some 11+ exams for selective school entrance.
  • Quite hard to prepare for.
  • Included either as a separate 11+ section or within a different section of the overall 11+ school entrance exams.

Which skills are assessed by 11 plus critical reasoning test papers?

The following 11+ critical thinking skills are essential for success in the 11+ exam. Preparing for the 11+ exam requires 11 plus practice in the critical reasoning abilities listed below.

  • 11 plus Logical Reasoning: The capacity to think logically, make deductions, and draw conclusions from given information.
  • 11+ Analytical Thinking: Breaking down complex problems into simpler parts and analyzing them systematically.
  • 11 plus Critical Thinking: Evaluating arguments, making informed decisions, and weighing evidence objectively.
  • 11+ Problem-Solving: Applying various strategies to find solutions to unfamiliar or challenging problems.
  • 11 plus Inference: Drawing logical conclusions based on information presented in passages or scenarios.

Critical reasoning skills tips

What are the other key reasoning skills?

Other 11+ skills practice

11+ Spatial Awareness skills

  • Understanding and manipulating objects in three-dimensional space.

Data Interpretation 11+ skills

  • Extracting meaningful information from charts, graphs, and tables.

11+ Pattern Recognition skills

  • Identifying recurring patterns or relationships in data, numbers, or shapes.

How does 11 plus tutoring work?

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Learners hands, laptop and notebooks for online tutoring.

2. Do you think online tutoring is the future of tutoring?

Is it still a new concept to many parents and schools?

My tuition career has passed through three phases.

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Now, all my midweek lessons are online, and I’m gradually phasing out my personal lessons at the weekend – and that’s only partly because I’m not allowed to use my new flat ‘for business purposes’!

11 plus tutoring tips

Parents want to know

  • how many pupils tutors have taught and
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  • they want to feel comfortable with them and feel confident that their children will learn something in a friendly (and safe) environment.

In our recommended 11+ tutor’s case, Nick Dale’s FREE 11 plus database.

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Past papers can be a pain to get hold of. I’ve spent hundreds of hours collecting over 1,800 of them at all levels and in all subjects so it’s now easy for me to set homework by simply asking pupils to do a paper from my website – and it only costs £5.99 for a 12-month subscription. It can also be time-consuming (and a bit boring) for pupils to have to take notes.

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