THE BEST Private School Entrance 16 plus exams practice

Our focus here is on Private School Entrance 16 plus Exam practice, especially:

  • 16 plus test practice.
  • Our past paper library for 16+ private school entry.

Top 16+ Private School Entrance Exams

These are the best 16+ practice tests:


Why do we recommend the above 16 plus test prep?

  • These 16 plus exam practice materials are closest to your own specific 16 plus private school entry exam format.
  • Clearly detailed answer explanations are provided for each 16 plus question.
  • Each 16 plus practice paper breaks down the different 16 plus question types. Each 16+ question format needs to be mastered.
  • You can also use the following private school practice tests as your London private schools’ mock exams. This is because they mirror the real test’s content.
  • These 16+ practice exam papers therefore provide your child with several mock exam opportunities to improve their score.


Rob Williams

How do I find the latest TOP private school entry prep from 5+ 6+… 11+ 13+ to 16 plus? 

Ask ROB, our resident 16+ test design expert , your questions by emailing

An Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Rob Williams is a Chartered Psychologist with over 25 years of experience working and designing tests. Rob has worked for all three of the main school entrance test publishers: GL Assessment; ISEB independent school entry papers and CEM Select private school entrance papers.




Recommended private School entrance test practice

Our FREE private school 11+ entry past papers 

13 Plus test practice and recommended 13+ prep private school entry

16 Plus Test Practice and our top 16+ private school entrance past 


How to pass your 16+ exam

We recommend parents and 16+ tutors follow these four steps to build a child’s 16+ entry exam skills and to gain a 16 Plus pass.

  1. We offer many FREE past 16+ papers to introduce you to 16 plus entry exam formats.
  2. You will find 16+ practice test for ALL INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS at the link above. 16+ parents and 16 plus tutors can BUY single 16+ practice test 1, 16 plus practice test 2… OR one of their popular 16+ test bundles at a reduced price.
  3. As you become more 16+ exam experienced, then you should focus your 16 plus revision on those 16+ exam section and 16+ question types that you find most challenging.
  4. Then, once you’ve built sufficient confidence in the requisite 16+ exam skills needed to gain a 16+ pass mark, you should use one of these school-specific 16+ practice papers as a mock exam. We highly recommend that parents/tutors carry out this 16 plus mock exam administration up under 16+ exam conditions which are as close as possible to the real 16+ exam environment.

English 16 plus past papers

Firstly, 16+ English 2018 (Benenden)  Secondly, 16Plus English (Emanuel). Thirdly, 16+ English Essay 2013 (Emanuel). And also, English as an Additional Language 2013 (St Edwards). Next, 16+ English as an Additional Language 2015 (St Edwards). And 16+ English as an Additional Language 2016 (St Edwards). Then, 16Plus English 2013-14 (St Edwards)16+ English 2015 (St Edwards). And 16+ English 2016 (St Edwards).

16+ Science past papers

Biology 2018 (Benenden)16+Biology 2013 (St Edwards), and 16+ Biology 2016 (St Edwards). Chemistry 2018 (Benenden)16+ Chemistry 2013 (St Edwards), 16+ Chemistry 2015 (St Edwards) and 16+ Chemistry 2016 (St Edwards). 16+ Physics 2018 (Benenden), 16+ Physics 2013 (St Edwards), 16+ Physics 2015 (St Edwards) and 16+ Physics 2016 (St Edwards).

Critical Reasoning 16+ entry exam practice

Critical Reasoning (Emanuel) Economics 2018 (Benenden); 16+Economics 2013 (St Edwards); Economics 2015 (St Edwards); 16+ Economics 2016 (St Edwards)

Economics 16+ past papers

Economics 2018 (Benenden); 16+Economics 2013 (St Edwards); Economics 2015 (St Edwards); 16+ Economics 2016 (St Edwards)

Languages 16+ past papers

Sixth Form French 2018 (Benenden)16+ French 2013 (St Edwards)16+French 2015 (St Edwards); and 16+French 2016 (St Edwards) Latin 2013 (St Edwards) and 16+Latin 2016 (St Edwards)

Humanities 16+ past papers

Geography 2013 (St Edwards), Geography16+ 2015 (St Edwards), 16+ Geography 2016 (St Edwards) and 16+ German 2013 (St Edwards). Spanish16+ 2018 (Benenden) and 16+Spanish 2013 (St Edwards).

16 Plus Mathematics past papers

Maths 2018 (Benenden), 16+Maths 2013 (St Edwards), 16+Maths 2015 (St Edwards) and 16+Maths 2016 (St Edwards).

RE 16 plus past papers

Sixth Form Religious Studies 2018 (Benenden), 16+ Religious Studies 2013 (St Edwards), 16+ Religious Studies 2015 (St Edwards) and 16+ Religious Studies 2016 (St Edwards).

Step by step guide

Here is our step-by-step guide to encourage the best form of school entrance test practice. Your child will most easily perfect their 16 plus exam technique if you follow these steps: