11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Quiz

Welcome to our 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning quiz.


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11 plus verbal reasoning quiz

Firstly, in this 11 Plus verbal reasoning quiz, we look at the shorter multiple-choice questions in which your vocabulary will be tested.

There isn’t always time to work through all these past papers, so why not try our ten-minute test version below.

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Your verbal reasoning skills may be something that you’ve taken for granted. Or you may have assumed that they are only relevant for people who like doing crosswords and playing Scrabble. In fact, reading comprehension is something that we all do every day in both our personal lives and at work.

From newspapers and magazines to correspondence and company reports, you use your verbal reasoning skills to make sense of all different types of writing. Whether you are aware of it or not, you use your verbal reasoning skills when following a new recipe, reading a notice at a train station, applying for a bank account, or browsing through holiday brochure.

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Read the question carefully and make sure you understand exactly what is being asked before attempting an answer.

Which Verbal Reasoning skills does the 11 plus test?

Everyone needs to have basic verbal reasoning skills to survive daily life. And good verbal reasoning skills are a key prerequisite for many different jobs. Any job that involves frequent communication requires verbal reasoning skills.

This could mean written communication in emails or reports, or spoken and written communication such as in teaching. In a commercial environment, for instance, call centre employees need to be able to converse clearly with their customers. At the graduate and managerial levels, many jobs require the interpretation and critical analysis of complex verbal information.


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