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Welcome to our 11 plus pass mark 2024 guide for all the regional 11 plus exams around the UK. Which 11+ grammar school entry exam practice will best suit your child’s needs?

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Learn about the 11+ pass marks

Parents of 11 plus students need to bear in mind two key 11+ score points:

Firstly, 2024’s 11 plus exam pass must be comparable to previous years’ 11+ pass marks. So the 2024 11 plus pass mark must be 80%, or an even higher pass mark.

Secondly, Your child’s 11+ pass mark is specific to your local Educational Authority (LEA). Thus the 11 plus pass marks vary by grammar school region. In other words, the more competitive that your regional grammar school entry is, then the higher that grammar school’s 11 plus pass mark needs to be. 

  • Some grammar schools select candidates by ranked order. Places are given to the children who performed best on the test.
  • Other schools have a minimum pass mark and use other criteria, such as distance, faith, siblings, to select candidates. In conclusion, it is impossible to say exactly what percentage you need to pass the 11-plus.
  • However, as an approximate figure, a child will need to score about 80—85% to pass. Obviously, in more competitive areas this figure may be higher.


Which 11+ mark should my child aim for?

  • We recommend aiming for 60-70%+ in your practice 11+ tests to ensure that your child is on track for a ‘safe 11 plus pass.
  • Parents must check with each prospective grammar school that you are applying to.
  • Then, reach out to make personal contact to double check key 11+ admissions info, such as that regional grammar school’s specific 11+ registration date and their 11+ exam dates.
  • For each individual grammar school, the 11+ pass marks can fluctuate annually.


Previous years’ 11plus pass marks

11+ pass mark 201811+ pass mark 2017PUPIL PREMIUM PLACESTOTAL NUMBER OF PLACES
Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School20420432192
King Edward VI Aston School20520530120
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys21521524120
Girls King Edward VI Camp Hill School20920930150
King Edward VI Five Ways School20020036180
Girls King Edward VI Handsworth School20520932160


What 11+ score will get my child into our local Grammar School?

  • A score of 80-85% in mock exam papers is a good starting point.
  • This should set your child up for success when applying to competitive grammar schools.
  • For the schools that publish the standardized test score requirement, children normally need to score more than 110 in all their papers.
  • Other schools do not have fixed standardized thresholds, instead ranking the students by their 11+ test scores.



Sample 11plus papers

11_Plus_Maths_Sample Paper  and  11_Plus_Maths_practice papers.


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How many marks do you need to pass 11+?

  • Well, the 11 plus pass mark differ for each 11+ region.
  • Hence, each 11 plus grammar school region has its own pass marks for entry in 2024.
    This is particularly true in fully selective regions where there are many grammar schools, (i.e. Lincolnshire, Buckinghamshire, Kent).
  • Where the pass mark is lower than in areas with fewer grammar schools (Greater London).


When to start your 2024 11 plus tuition?

Most parents start 11+ tuition from Year 4 or Year 5. Initially, a specialist 11+ tutor will assess the child’s current levels before then going on to ensure a rich and rigorous foundation across all core skills. Then go on to prepare pupils for the actual 11+ exam demands. As well as building confidence and exam technique.


Why is it so difficult to achieve a good 11+ score?

  • So yes every year, in every 11 plus region, the 11 plus exam is very difficult. Even though most 11 plus content will have been covered by the national curriculum taught in all state schools.  Most 11 plus applicants are now highly coached. At least a year, if not two years, prior to their 11 plus exam.
  • Still, the intent of the 11 plus in setting such a high pass benchmark each year is to only select the academically gifted. For whom achieving a high 11 plus score is, of course, quite manageable.
  • In addition, different schools within the same LEA may have different minimum pass marks.
  • Also, 11 plus pass marks are standardised using a complex statistical process.
  • Put simply, this means a child’s score is adjusted to reflect their age and the difficulty of the paper. Standardisation ensures fairness because older children would otherwise have an advantage.


Can you pass the 11 Plus without tuition?

Yes, you can pass the 11 Plus without tuition. However, there is a very high prevalence of 11+ tutoring. So many 11+ parents view it as disadvantageous not to learn from an 11+ utor’s knowledge.

Most 11+ pupils’ parents choose either online 22+ or in-person 11+ tutoring.


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