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Hertfordshire 11 plus dates

See full 11 plus school entry details here: Hertfordshire grammar schools 11+ entry exam including

Hertfordshire 11 plus practice tests / Hertfordshire 11 plus test practice.

Hertfordshire’s has no fully-selective grammar schools. However, there are many partially-selective schools within the South West Herts Schools Consortium: Parmiter’s School (academic and music places), Queens’ School (academic, music and sports places), Rickmansworth School (academic and music places), St Clement Danes School (academic and music places), Watford Grammar School for Boys (academic and music places), Watford Grammar School for Girls (academic and music places), and Croxley Danes School (music places only). Hertfordshire pupils take the Secondary Transfer Test to apply for a selective place.

Dame Alice Owen’s School is also a partially-selective school with academic and music places available. This school is not a member of the South West Herts Schools Consortium.

  • 11th June 2024: Dame Alice Owen’s School test registration closes

  • 14th June 2024: South West Herts Secondary Transfer Test registration closes

  • 2nd September 2024: Dame Alice Owen’s School entrance exam part 1 (verbal reasoning) and first round musical aptitude test

  • 7th September 2024: South West Herts academic test

  • 9th September 2024: South West Herts first round music test

  • 11th September 2024: South West Herts sports test (Queens’ School only)

  • 19th September 2024: South West Herts first round music scores notified to parents

  • 23rd–Friday 27th September 2024: South West Herts second round music test and Dame Alice Owen’s School second round music test

  • 28th September 2024: Dame Alice Owen’s School entrance exam part 2 (English and maths)

  • 16th October 2024: South West Herts Secondary Transfer Test results day

  • Mid-October 2024: Dame Alice Owen’s school secondary transfer test results day

  • 31st October 2024: secondary school common application deadline

  • 3rd March 2025: national school offers day


How to know if your child is on track to pass?

We advise that Hertfordshire 11 plus pupils who are consistently scoring around the 80 to 85% mark (or higher!) will pass the Hertfordshire grammar school 11 plus exam.


You can find out more about how grammar schools calculate their 11 plus pass mark here.

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