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Hello and welcome to our article, key school exam dates. The aim is detailing all the key key school exam dates. Starting with 11 plus dates, from 11 plus registration through to 11 plus results day results day.

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Key 11+ exam Dates 2022

  • April – Most grammar schools open registration in April/May and the deadline is generally around June or July for parents to register their child for the 11+ exam. However there is some variability, so it is important to check the precise dates with the schools you are applying to. Some counties such as Buckinghamshire automatically enter all primary children for the 11+ exam and parents can then choose to opt out to
    withdraw their child from the process.
  • September – For most grammar schools, the 11+ exam will occur during the first two weeks in September 2021. However, this year there are quite a few differences in when the exam will occur, and the dates range from September to October. Here are some key dates to watch out for:
  • October – 11+ results will be posted in mid-October 2021. However, depending on when the exam occurs in your county, this may differ.

Key 11+ exam Dates

  • March: School allocations are confirmed on 1 March 2022.
  • September: New intake begins Year 7 at grammar schools across the UK.

PLEASE NOTE that these are typical 11 plus dates. Whilst we are confident that these are true of the majority of grammar schools, we would equally always advise to check with the individual grammar schools you are applying to. Since there is some variability

For example, Buckinghamshire automatically enters all primary children for the 11+ exam and operates an opt-out system for parents who must actively choose to withdraw their child from the 11 plus application process 2022.

Grammar school 11 plus timeline

  • April 2022: Most grammar schools will open their registration in April/May 2022.
  • june- July 2022: deadline for 11 plus registration.
  • Week 1 Sept 2022 – Week 2 Sept 2022: 11+ exam dates.
  • Mid October 2022: 11+ results posted.
  • 1 March 2023: School allocations confirmed.
  • September 2023: New grammar school intake begins (Year 7).

key school exam dates

Example – 11 plus Admissions for Tiffin grammar school

Admission FAQs 2022
Determined Admissions Policy for 2023
Admission FAQs 2023

Tiffin 11 plus dates

Monday 7 June 2021Online registration for the Stage One Tests opened – it is now closed.
Tuesday 6 July 2021Open Evening for Year 7 2022 between 5.00 and 8.00pm. Due to recent government announcements our open evening will again be online. We plan to include a live Q&A with staff and pupils between 5:30 and 7:30pm on Tuesday 6th July.
Thursday 15 July 2021Please complete your registration by today. The admissions department does not work in the summer holiday
Wednesday 1 September 2021Noon was the deadline for registering for the tests and for any supplementary paperwork to be received by the school.
Tuesday 21 September 2021By this date all applicants should have received their test day arrangements.
Please email Year7Admissions@tiffin.kingston.sch.uk if you have not received your emailed test day arrangements.
Thursday 30 September 2021Stage One tests (If an additional day is required due to high number of applicants, it is scheduled for Friday 1 October)
Sunday 31 October 2021Deadline for completion of your home local authority application form.
On or around Monday 18 October 2021Parents notified if their sons are invited to the Stage Two Tests.
Friday 12 November 2021Stage Two tests for those invited.
Tuesday 1 March 2022Offers posted by your home local authority.
Wednesday 2 March 2022Stage Two test results released and emailed to parents who have not been offered a place at Tiffin or a school that was a higher preference on their home local authority application form.


key 11 plus exam dates

School Open days. Parents at school.

How much tutoring is needed to pass the 11 exam?

You need to prioritise these 11 plus preparation actions for your child:

  • Famiiarizing themselves with the types of questions that could be asked
  • Understanding each exam section format.
  • Using 11 plus practice papers to improve their performance under exam conditions.

There are the logistical issues to for your to check: the location and date for the 11 plus exam. As important is to check the 11 plus paper formats that are used in your region and for your specific grammar school application.

Always remember, there is not a one size fits all solution! However, generally speaking, we advise no more than 12 months of tuition for the Eleven Plus. So, starting at the beginning of Year 5 is probably a good time. At the very latest, January of Year 5 for exams taking place in September of Year 6.

Taking it to the next 11+ exam level!

In summary, there is no precise answer about how much is the right amount. During term time, most tutors will hold a weekly session of between 60 to 90 minutes with additional homework set each week. In the holidays the tutor may also recommend extra sessions. This is especially important in the summer period leading up to the 11 Plus exams in Autumn.

11 exam dates

In our posts, we look at different combinations of past school exam papers. We also look at what the benefits are for using them. Looking at the different kinds of school entrance exams, different exam boards and the strict school entrance requirements of some schools. Keeping abreast with the newest developments. We like to keep up to date on the required learning for exams. With a clear view as to which past exam papers to use for which exams.

Our blog posts on this subject are specifically aimed at private and grammar school entrance. Looking at different sets of question types and where to access past exam papers.

We believe in arming yourself and your child with knowledge. Knowing what is expected takes uncertainty away. It also helps your child focus their energy on what they need to learn. It gives them the confidence to be the best they can.

UK school exams vary according to which area, which exam board and the kind of exam. In our articles under this Tag Archive, you should be able to find all information relating to this subject. We will also make you aware of any changes noted by exam boards and schools. These include all UK school exams. Whether it is school entrance, SATs, GCSE’s or any in between. We hope to keep you updated with the latest news and legislation on the exam front. Taking the anxiety out of the exam process.