Take our recommended 2023 CAT4 test question samples to improve your child’s CAT4 score

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Our CAT4 test question samples to improve your child’s CAT4 score

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CAT4 Free Practice Test Year 4CAT4 Level A Practice Test Pack for Year 4
Free CAT4 Practice Test Year 5CAT4 Level B Practice Test Pack for Year 5
CAT4 Free Practice Test Year 6CAT4 Level C Practice Test Pack for Year 6
Free CAT4 Practice Test Year 7CAT4 Level D Practice Test Pack for Year 7
CAT4 Free Practice Test Year 8CAT4 Level E Practice Test Pack for Year 8
Free CAT4 Practice Test Years 9 and 10CAT4 Level F Practice Test Pack Years 9/10
CAT4 Free Practice Test Years 11+CAT4 Level G Practice Test Pack for Years 11+

Targeted CAT 4 test practice by CAT4 section

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Each of these CAT4 levels practice will effectively prepare your child for the CAT4 exam.

Firstly, 9+ CAT4 LEVEL A PRACTICE and 10+ CAT4 LEVEL B.

Secondly, 11+ CAT4 Level C PRACTICE ; 12+ CAT4 Level D PRACTICE and 13+ CAT4 Level E practice.

Explaining CAT4 Percentile Scores and what does a low CAT4 score mean?

How can I pass CAT4CAT4 Scoring explained together with what is in a CAT4 Report.

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We also offer free CAT4 non-verbal reasoning skills resources. For example, our popular Passed Papers You Tube channel‘s

CAT4 video guide.

Planning your CAT4 test practice step-by-step

Or if the CAT4 test practice is unsuitable then you will find our extensive School Entrance exam practice tests here.

  1. Establish How to interprete a CAT 4 results report.
  2. Learn what the different CAT 4 sections look like.
  3. Practice with the correct year CAT 4 test for your own child.

Sample CAT 4 sample

Here is our free CAT4 paper sample.

CAT4 parents guides

Do try our CAT4 test practice and parents guide to the CAT4.

Which skills does the CAT4 assess?

The CAT4 requires knowledge of Literacy skills , Numeracy skills and Abstract reasoning skills.


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What are the CAT4 spatial reasoning test questions like?

In the CAT4 spatial reasoning questions you have to manipulate 2D and 3D shapes. So similar to the non-verbal reasoning questions in that sense.
You need to identify each of the different set of shapes’ patterns. In other words the relationships between them. How they relate to each other.

Explaining CAT4 questions on 2D shape combinations

CAT4 TEST INSTRUCTIONS – Find which shapes can be combined to create the full picture you’ve been presented with in each CAT4 spatial reasoning question.

Take a look at this example question. Which of the options below, makes up the top shape?


Explaining CAT4 questions on Analysing the Mirror Image Matching 2D Shapes

CAT4 TEST INSTRUCTIONS – Find which two shapes are identical in each CAT4 spatial reasoning question.

Regardless of the perspective / angle shown, identify which two 2D shapes are equivalent.

Explaining CAT4 questions on Analysing the Mirror Image

CAT4 TEST INSTRUCTIONS – Find the exact mirror image for each CAT4 spatial reasoning question.

spatial reasoning practice test

Explaining CAT4 questions requiring 3D Cube construction

CAT4 TEST INSTRUCTIONS – Find for each CAT4 spatial reasoning question:

  • The marking which is the exact opposite of the one that is presented in the question.
  • or if it’s a flattened out 3D cube, then you must choose which of the answer options represents the fully reconstructed cube. So, when in three dimensions in other words.
spatial reasoning practice

CAT4 test practice

Explaining CAT4 question types involving Solid 2D and 3D shapes

INSTRUCTIONS – Find for each CAT4 spatial reasoning question, you must determine which 3D shape is equivalent to the unmade one presented. So, in other words, which of the folded up shapes is represented by the unfolded shape in the questions.

Spatial reasoning test

Other key CAT 4 things you need to know

  • There are different versions of the CAT4 test, depending on your child’s age.
  • The CAT4 test is divided into 8 modules. These vary in length. The shortest modules are 8 minutes long and the longest modules are 10 minutes long.
    The 8 modules are split across 4 types of Reasoning: Verbal, Non-Verbal, Spatial and Quantitative. Each of these is equally weighted when calculating your child’s final score.
  • CAT4 Verbal Reasoning modules are called Verbal Classification and Verbal Analogies.
  • The CAT4 Non-Verbal Reasoning modules are called Figure Classification and Figure Matrices.
  • CAT4 Spatial Reasoning modules are called Figure Analysis and Figure Recognition.
  •  The CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning modules are called Number Series and Number Analogies. Number Series involves completing sequences. Number Analogies involves completing a third pair of number analogies.
  • CAT4 assessment is not adaptive. This means there is no negative marking so you should encourage your child to answer every question. If they find themselves out of time in a module with a few questions to spare, it’s better that they guess and supply an answer for each question rather than leave the last few blank.
  • Most children find one or two of the four types of Reasoning harder than the others. That’s why we recommend taking
  • Several CAT4 practice tests
  • Our section specific CAT4 test practice.
  • so that then You will be able to see which types of questions your child finds tricky so you can then focus specifically on them.

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