A-Level Results Day 2024 explained

Welcome to our feature on A-Level results day 2024 and AQA A-Level grade boundaries.

A-Level Results Day 2024 explained

In 2024, A Level results will be released on 15 August.

A-levels grades will typically available to collect from schools and colleges at around 8am. Although the times will vary from place to place.
All 2024 A-level grades will have been released at 06:00 by each exam board under embargo.

Your school or college should have already told you if it is possible to receive your results out by email or by post.

Following the release of 2024 A-Level results, there will be a window for students who believe their A -Level grade is wrong so they wish to launch an A-level grade 2024 appeal.

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2022 A-Level result trends

That year there was a continuing trend of regional differences in A-Level results

There are disparities in absence rates for the current GCSE exam cohort. Year 11 students in the northern regions missed around 15 per cent of school sessions compared with around 11 per cent in the South.

Some schools leaders have already said they will be wary of promoting their overall results too loudly, given the fact that every school will have experienced the pandemic differently.


How will A-Level grade boundaries for 2024 be set?

  • Currently, A-levels in England are graded from A* to E, while GCSEs were changed from letters to a 9-1 system in 2017.
  • The use of teacher-predicted grades last year led to substantial grade inflation. The proportion of A-level students getting an A or above jumping from 25 per cent in 2019 to 38 per cent, with a repitsimilar level of inflation is expeion expected in summer 2021’s A-Level results too.
  • So, it is the DfE who determines whether it’s preferable to return to pre-pandemic A-Level 2022 grading.
  • One A-Levels 2022 option is to reset the A-LEvel grading boudaries. Plus, switch to numerical grade for the 2022 A-Levels. These would then be a similar A-Level grading system to that now in use for GCSEs.
  • Given the grade inflation experienced in recent years, the current alphabetical grades are causing confusion about the value of each grade. He relative value of the same subject’s A-Level grade depends upon the school year students received their results.. Plus, the DfE’s rationale is to tighten A-Level standards.

AQA A-Level grade boundaries and EdExcel A-Level grade boundaries

A-Level 2021 trends

  • Entries for A-Levels 2021 increase by 2 per cent – from 731,855 in 2020 to 756,230 in 2021.
  • AS entries 2021 decrease Due to the impact of the move in 2015 to decouple AS-levels from A-levels.
  • 53,300 AS-level entries in 2021 which was down 33 per cent from 86,970 in 2020.
  • Since 2017, the number of AS-level entries has fallen by 91 per cent.

2021 A-level geography, 2021 A-Level law and 2021 A-Level computing entries increase

  • Entries to A-level geography rose by 16 per cent this year, with law and computing also seeing rises of 14 and 10 per cent respectively.
  • Psychology and sociology entries have also continued to rise with an increase of 8 per cent each.
  • Economics and business studies entries have both risen by 6 per cent, and religious studies 7 per cent.


A Level Grade Boundaries. Students checking results on phone.

We hope we’ve answered all your questions regarding when A-Levels Results Day is this year.