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Our Private London Sixth Forms Guide 2024


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In England, Wales, Northern Ireland and some Common Wealth countries a Sixth Form refers to the last 1-3 years of schooling. This is usually between the ages of 16 and 18. A Sixth Form education is to prepare for A-level exams, at the end of Year 13.

The word comes from an earlier system of schooling in England and Wales. The first 5 years of secondary schooling were divided into forms.
You would move up a form every year until the fifth form. If you stayed on at school to prepare for A-levels you would then go onto the sixth form. This system was changed from the 1990-1991 academic year.

For most schools, Sixth Form, therefore, consists of Year 12 (Lower Sixth) and Year 13 (Upper Sixth).


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Private London Sixth Forms Admissions Guide

Although most English Private Secondary schools have a Sixth Form as part of the school, these can also be independent.

There are quite a few Sixth Form colleges. Although you might want to spare your child from moving school, there are many advantages to either option.

The most significant of these is probably the independence found in a Sixth Form College. It could be a very valuable way to transition from the school environment to further studies at a University or College.

Although Sixth Form is not compulsory in England, children of that age need to still be in formal education. There are a few choices  at the end of Year 11:

  • Attend Sixth Form in preparation of University/Academic qualification
  • Vocational training
  • Advanced Apprenticeship

Which are the best London Sixth Forms?

Below you will find links to the admission pages of several Private Sixth Form schools.

  • Egham International School Admission also
  • ACS Hillingdon International School Admission also
  • Alleyn’s Admission also
  • Bancroft’s School Sixth Form Admissions also
  • Bellerbys College London Admissions also
  • Blackheath High School Admissions also
  • Box Hill Admission also
  • Cambridge Tutors College Admissions also
  • Canbury School Admissions also
  • Caterham School Admissions also
  • CATS College London Admissions also
  • Channing Sixth Form Admissions also
  • Chelsea Independent College Admissions also
  • City of London Freemen’s School Admissions also
  • London School Sixth Form Admissions also
  • City of London School for Girls Sixth Form Admission also
  • Claremont Fan Court School Admissions also
  • Colfe’s School Admissions also
  • Collingham Independent College Admissions also
  • Cranleigh School Admissions also
  • Croydon High School Sixth Form Admissions also
  • DLD College London Admissions also
  • Dunottar School Admissions also
  • Ealing Independent College also
  • Eltham College Admissions also
  • Emanuel School Admissions also
  • Epsom College Sixth Form Admissions also
  • Ewell Castle School Admissions also
  • Fine Arts College Admissions also
  • Francis Holland Sixth Form Regents Park Admissions
  • and Francis Holland 16+ Admissions also
  • Frensham Heights Admissions also
  • Guildford High School Admissions

Private London Sixth Form League Tables Part II

  • Halliford School Sixth Form Admissions
  • Hampton Court House Admissions and Hampton School Admissions
  • Harris Westminster Sixth Form Admissions
  • Harrow School Admissions
  • Highgate School Admissions
  • Hurthwood House Admission
  • Ibstock Place Sixth Form Admissions
  • James Allen’s Girls School Admissions
  • Kew House School Admissions
  • King Edward’s Witley Admissions
  • King’s College School Admissions
  • Kingston Grammar School Admissions
  • Latymer Upper School
  • Lingfield School Admissions
  • MPW Admissions
  • Marymount International School Admissions
  • More House School Farnham Admissions and More House School Admissions
  • Mount House School Admissions
  • Northwood College Admissions
  • Notting Hill & Ealing Admissions
  • Old Palace Admissions
  • Portland Place School Admissions

Private Sixth Form sports ground

Best London Sixth Form Private Schools Part III

  • Prior’s Field Sixth Form Admission
  • Putney High School Admissions
  • Queens College Admissions
  • Queen’s Gate Admissions
  • Reed’s School Admissions
  • Reigate Grammar School Admissions
  • Riverston Admissions
  • Royal Grammar School Admissions and Royal Russell School Admissions
  • Sir William Perkin’s Sixth Form Admissions
  • South Hampstead Admissions
  • St Augustine’s Priory Admissions
  • St. Benedict’s School Admissions
  • St Catherine’s School Admissions
  • St. Catherine’s Bramley Admissions
  • St Dunstan’s College Admissions
  • St. George’s Sixth Form Admissions
  • St Helen’s School Admissions
  • St. James Senior Boys Admission
  • St John’s School Admissions
  • St. Paul’s Girls’ Admissions
  • St Paul’s Admissions
  • St. Teresa’s Effingham Admissions
  • Streatham & Clapham  Admissions
  • Surbiton High School Admissions
  • Sutton High School Admissions
  • Sydenham High School Admissions
  • TASIS England Admissions
  • The Cedars Sixth Form Admission
  • Godolphin & Latymer Admissions
  • The John Lyon School Admissions
  • Lady Eleanor Holles School
  • The Laurels Admissions
  • Royal Ballet Admissions
  • The Swaminarayan Senior School Admissions
  • Yehudi Menuhin School Admissions
  • Tormead School Admissions
  • Trinity School Admissions
  • UCS Sixth Form Hampstead Admissions
  • Westminster School Admissions
  • Whitgift School Admissions
  • Wimbledon High School Admissions
  • Woldingham School


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