Lincolnshire grammar schools guide, including Lincolnshire 11 plus

Firstly, the list below shows the Lincolnshire 11 plus practice tests and Lincolnshire Grammar School Entrance info. Secondly, we offer premium Lincolnshire 11 plus practice tests. Thirdly, you will find information on the relevant Grammar School and the town it is in from the links below.

Lincolnshire 11 plus guide


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What are the key Lincolnshire 11 plus dates?

See full 11 plus school entry details here: Lincolnshire grammar schools 11+ entry exam including

Lincolnshire 11 plus practice tests / Lincolnshire 11 plus test practice.

Lincolnshire’s grammar schools: Boston Grammar School, Boston High School for Girls, Bourne Grammar School, Caistor Grammar School, Carre’s Grammar School, Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School, Kesteven and Sleaford High School, King Edward VI Grammar School (Louth), King Edward VI Academy (Spilsby), Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School (Alford), Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School (Horncastle), Queen Elizabeth’s High School (Gainsborough), Skegness Grammar School, Spalding Grammar School, Spalding High School, and The King’s School Grantham.

15 of these schools are members of the Lincolnshire Consortium of Grammar Schools (LCGS). Children applying to these schools will take the same 11+ exam on the same dates.

Caistor Grammar School is not a member of the Lincolnshire Consortium. It has its own 11+ process.

  • 16th August 2024: Caistor Grammar School 11+ registration closes

  • 14th September 2024: Lincolnshire Grammar Schools 11+ verbal reasoning paper

  • 21st September 2024: Lincolnshire Grammar Schools 11+ non-verbal reasoning paper and Caistor Grammar School 11+ paper 1 (standard verbal reasoning)

  • 28th September 2024: Caistor Grammar School 11+ paper 2 (multiple-choice verbal reasoning)

  • 11th October 2024: parents receive Lincolnshire Grammar Schools 11+ results

  • 15th October 2024: parents receive Caistor Grammar School 11+ results

  • 31st October 2024: secondary school common application deadline

  • 3rd March 2025: national school offers day


How to know if your child is on track to pass?

We advise that Lincolnshire 11 plus pupils who are consistently scoring around the 80 to 85% mark (or higher!) will pass the Lincolnshire grammar school 11 plus exam.


You can find out more about how grammar schools calculate their 11 plus pass mark here.

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SEARCH her for the latest Lincolnshire grammar schools’ Ofsted reports.

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One source for finding local grammar schools is the National Grammar Schools Association. This allows you to search for grammar schools by different counties. Here’s our own regional grammar schools list and Wikipaedia’s list of English grammar schools.

Lincolnshire 11 plus practice tests bundle.

Lincolnshire Grammar School Entrance

  • 11 plus exams on 18th-19th Sept. and the 25th – 26th Sept.
  • Caistor Grammar School 11 plus exams are between the 3rd – 10th Oct.

Lincolnshire 11+. Picture of road and church in Lincoln

How to prepare guidance for the Lincolnshire 11 plus exam

East Midlands’ Grammar School Regions

  • Lincolnshire

West Midlands’ Grammar School Regions

  • Birmingham
  • Stoke-on-Trent
  • Telford and Wrekin
  • Walsall
  • Warwickshire
  • Wolverhampton

Lincolnshire Grammar School Entrance

  • Boston Grammar School (boys)
  • B. High School, Boston (girls)
  • Bourne Grammar School (mixed)
  • Caistor Grammar School(mixed)
  • Carre’s Grammar School (boys)
  • Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School, (girls)
  • K. and Sleaford High School(girls)
  • King Edward VI Grammar School(mixed)
  • The King’s School, Grantham (boys)
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School (mixed)
  • Q. Elizabeth’s Grammar School (mixed)
  • Queen Elizabeth’s High School(mixed)
  • Skegness Grammar School(mixed)
  • Spalding Grammar School, (boys)
  • High School(girls)


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