CAT4 Figure Matrices practice tests to improve CAT4 scores

We hope you find our GL Assessment CAT4 Figure Matrices practice test questions useful.We also offer premium CAT4 test practice to purchase and other free CAT4 resources.

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Targeted CAT 4 Figures Matrices test practice by CAT4 section

Which skills does each CAT4 section assess?

1) CAT 4 Verbal Reasoning 

2) Non-Verbal Reasoning CAT 4 section 

3) CAT 4 Quantitative Reasoning

Number Analogies and Number Series CAT 4.

4) CAT 4 Spatial Reasoning CAT 4 section 

Figure Classification and CAT 4 Figure Matrices.

CAT4 Figure Matrices test papers – CAT 4 test sample questions Figure Matrices – CAT 4 test section explanations

In addition to our CAT4 Figure Matrices practice tests, we recommend these CAT 4 practice by section

Who are these CAT4 Figure Matrices practice tests aimed at?

Use these CAT4 Figure Matrices practice tests if:

  1. Your child is set to take a CAT4 battery assessment at school within the next few months.
  2. You would like to conduct a diagnostic assessment of your child’s current CAT4 level.
  3. To familiarise your child with the content and question formats.
  4. Increase your child’s confidence as part of their overall GL Progress Test preparation.

These are the THE BEST PRACTICE for your age specific CAT4 since these are the closest replica versions of the actual CAT4 exam. At the appropriate CAT4 assessment age.

These are the most accurate practice tests available.

School Entrance Tests recommends this CAT FIGURE MATRICES SKILLS TRAINING for several reasons:

  • Each Cat Test covers the entire National Curriculum Syllabus for Maths and English.
  • Your child’s CAT4 strengths and CAT4 weaknesses are accurately identified. That way you know which CAT4 subtests to focus on.
  • You can track whether the CAT4 Figure Matrices remains your child’s weakest CAT4 link!
  • Each of the CAT 4 Figure Matrices questions has a diagnostic format includingdetailed Correct/Incorrect explanations (for every answer option).
  • So, you can easily establish which cat test topics are the most challenging for your child. You can also quickly identify any misunderstandings.
  • Comparative cat4 stats are provided for your child’s peers.


In summary, these CAT4 Figure Matrices practice tests offer the most efficient mens of practicing and improving your child’s cat 4 score.