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Firstly, the list below shows our Sutton 11 plus test practice papers and our Surrey Grammar School entrance info.

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11 plus key dates for London’s Sutton grammar schools

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Sutton 11 plus practice tests and London grammar schools 11 plus test practice.


Sutton grammar schools list

The full details of these Sutton grammar schools 11+ entry exam and key Sutton 11 plus exam dates are shown below:

Sutton’s grammar schools: Nonsuch High School, Sutton Grammar School, Wallington County Grammar School, Wallington High School, and Wilson’s School. Greenshaw High School is partially-selective.

Children applying to the five grammar schools take the Sutton Selective Eligibility Test (SET), and shortlisted children are invited back to take a second-stage test. Children applying to Greenshaw High School only take the Sutton SET.

  • Friday 14th June 2024: deadline for requests for special adjustments

  • Friday 2nd August 2024: Sutton Selective Eligibility Test registration closes

  • Tuesday 17th September 2024: Sutton Selective Eligibility Test

  • Saturday 28th September 2024: shared second stage entrance exam for Nonsuch High School for Girls and Wallington High School for Girls

  • Saturday 5th October 2024: shared second stage entrance exam for Sutton Grammar School, Wilson’s School and Wallington County Grammar School

  • Mid-October 2024: parents receive Sutton SET results

  • Thursday 31st October 2024: secondary school applications close at 5pm

  • Monday 3rd March 2025: secondary school national offers day

SEARCH here for the latest Sutton grammar schools’ Ofsted reports.

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Our Guide to English grammar schools

One source for finding local grammar schools is the National Grammar Schools Association. This allows you to search for grammar schools by different counties. Here’s our own regional grammar schools list and Wikipaedia’s list of English grammar schools.


List of grammar schools in Sutton

  • Nonsuch High School for Girls’ Selective Eligibility Test – Nov 2022
  • Sutton Grammar School for Boys 11 plus exam.
  • The Wallington County Grammar School (Boys) 11 plus exam.
  • Wallington High School for Girls 11 plus exam.
  • Wilson’s School (Boys) 11 plus exam.
  • Greenshaw High School – Nov 2022.


Sutton 11 plus Exam Format

The Surrey 11 plus exam – for example Kingston Tiffin girls grammar school – is conducted in two phases:

  1. The first phase is a sifting stage. This merely determines which Surrey 11 plus applicants have passed and are therefore eligible for an invitation to phase two. It comprises multiple-choice maths and English papers. The first paper consists of a test where the marking is performed by the computer. The marks from the first test do not contribute to the final pass/fail result.
  2. It is only the second Surrey 11 plus phase which determines whether 11 plus applicants to Surrey grammar schools pass the Surrey 11 plus entrance exam. Or not. In this next stage, tests are conducted for both mathematics and English.

Sutton 11 plus practice


Bucks 11 plus practice. View of village in Buckinghamshire

Interestingly, these schools were one part of the state-funded education system from around 1944 to the late 1960’s. The other part of this stated funded system was state schools. However, after this era, many of these schools became independent, charging fees.

Some of these Grammar schools that retained their selective intake recently gained Academy status. Therefore making them independent from the Local Education Authority.


London grammar schools by Borough  

There are 19 grammar schools in London and Greater London, located in the following boroughs. Barnet: 3 selective schools (1 boys, 2 girls’ schools.) Bexley: 4 selective schools (1 boys, 1 girls, 2 mixed schools.) Bromley: 2 selective schools (1 boys. 1 girls’ school.) Enfield: 1 selective school (mixed.) Kingston upon Thames: 2 selective schools (1 boys, 1 girls’ school.) Redbridge: 2 selective schools (1 boys, 1 girls’ school.) Sutton: 5 selective schools (3 boys, 2 girls’ schools.)


Sutton 11 Plus Test Practice