How to improve your CAT4 time management

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Our top CAT4 tips on time management

  • Work steadily throughout the CAT4 with an overall time taken per CAT 4 question.
  • Managing your time during the CAT4 test is essential and provide you with some precious seconds for those extra difficult questions.
  • Actual testing time for each of the eight tests lasts between between 8-10 minutes.
  • The test battery in total takes approximately 2 hours 15 minutes but actual time in a tests adds up to 72

    listed below:

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    So, what should I expect in each CAT4 timed section?

    Now there will be 3 parts of the CAT4 each being broken into two actual tests and each test being between 8-10 minutes. As follows:

    Figure Classification – 10 mins
    Figure Matrices – 10 mins
    Verbal Classification – 8 mins
    Verbal Analogies – 8 mins
    Number Analogies – 10 mins
    Number Series – 8 mins
    Figure Analysis – 9 mins
    Figure Recognition – 9 mins

    For each question maximum time taken should be between 24-30 seconds. Easy questions need to be done quickly and accurately without hesitation and delay in moving to the next question. If your child has already run through the tests on this site they know that they are working against the clock and need to work fast. Focus, focus, focus – to have to go over the question is valuable time lost but also guessing an answer may not help your final score.

    Know what to expect with the CAT4 interface and CAT4 instructions

    You are now ready to start the first test. Instructions have been given, you’ve run through example tests, and have a pencil and rough paper. Once you start the clock will start and nothing can stop it !! You have between 8-10 minutes to complete the first CAT4 test.

    Reread every question to check your initial understanding

    As mentioned in point 3 above you need to be wary of the time and the pace required to complete but on the same hand you need to be as accurate as possible. Each question is a new question – if you get one wrong or are uncertain then make a best guess and move on – don’t dwell on it. The next question is not related to the last and getting the last one wrong doesn’t mean you will get this one wrong.

    Our simple process to follow for each and every CAT4 item

    1. Look at the question and understand it taking any rough notes.
    2. Systematically – work through the question.
    3. Any answers which are impossible mentally ignore.
    4. Keep moving towards the final answer until you have it.
    5. Click on the answer and move to the next question.
    6. Start again and keep doing this until all the questions are complete.
    7. if you have any time review the questions you missed

    And what about when you don’t know the CAT 4 answer?

    • Now there are times when you don’t know the answer in these circumstances try to reduce the number of answers by ruling out those answers which it simply cannot be.
    • So rather than guessing from 4 CAT4 questions (25% probability of guessing correct) if you cross off two answers you will be guessing from 2 CAT4 answers (50% probability of guessing correctly).
    • Improving your chances in this way will help you get the highest CAT 4 mark possible.
    • Always avoid over analysis of the CAT4 questions and CAT4 answers.

    Use checkpoints to ensure that your overall completion remains on track

    • At the half way mark (4 minutes or 5 minutes) make sure you’ve answered at least half the CAT4 questions.
    • ideally, we recommend aiming to have completed more than half of that CAT4 sections questions. Since youve then an opportunity to take more time answering any of the more difficult CAT4 questions You’ve so far omitted.
    • Yes, each question has a certain number of CAT4 marks allocated to it. So you will get more marks for the  ore diff kilt questions.

    You must finish each CAT4 section

    • Always aim to finish and make sure you don’t miss any questions out.
      Take a “guesstimate” if that’s all you can – rule out answers which are impossible to improve your chances but be quick – brain processing speed, focus, memory and problem solving skills all influence your cognitive ability. Improving any of these factors will help you not only in the CAT4 test but also in your academic work.

    Have an answer for every CAT 4 question before your time is up

    • The CAT 4 tests on this site and the sample questions during the test all help you to become acquainted with the different section format.
    • Always try to answer each CAT4 question as quickly as possible. Or to take a best guess.
    • Since the CAT4 test is so short just stay focused and answer each question as quickly as you can taking best guesses where appropriate.

    ONLY Choose to go back to the most complex one or two CAT4  questions

    It’s highly unlikely you’ll have any time to spare but if you do return to these 1-2 most difficult questions.

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