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How to interpret your child’s CAT4 report

The CAT4 offers a variety of different reports that are aimed for students, parents, teachers and even the academic professionals as per their requirement.

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How do I interpret my CAT4 Score?

Refined reports are offered by the CAT4 that are meant for supporting individual narrative and help the parents, students and teachers for making better use of the additional information that has been provided. The scores are provided in a detailed manner to eradicate any and all kinds of misunderstandings that will include visual, textual and numerical information about the results.

Understanding your child’s CAT4 report

Understanding your child’s CAT 4 report is not a complicated process, however, if a parent still has some doubts, they can always ask the child’s teachers regarding the scores and the meaning of the scores. After the CAT4 introduction for analysing the academic abilities and obstacles of a child, the learning process has become even more effective for all the students and now with concrete data in hand it has become a joint effort of the parents and the teachers, where the subject is a child.

Regardless of all of the assistance, it is the student who is responsible for his or her success at the end of the day. The teachers and parents receive a report that tells them how to help their child in studying but the student must be using the learning environment and suggestions to score well and become skilful.

Why is the CAT4 the best standardised assessment in 2023?

  • The cognitive abilities test or CAT4 is one of the most recognized methods for testing a student’s academic potential and challenges.
  • It is basically divided into different categories including quantitative, spatial abilities, non-verbal and verbal.
  • CAT4 reports are for both teachers and parents as well and for receiving individual reports, teachers will be able to access group reports as well.

Understanding CAT4 Reports

The CAT4 offers a variety of different reports that are aimed for students, parents, teachers and even the academic professionals as per their requirement.

Group CAT4 reports for teachers

There are different tables for student’s SAS scores, group ranking for each battery and also different overall scores. There is a particular section that reads out to explain what each group ranking means. The teachers can also witness a comparison to the national as well as average scores of the group and make a profile. These can also explain the data in the form of a chart explaining the learning preferences of the students in a certain group.

Individual CAT4 reports for teachers

For teachers, there are different reports available that will provide a description of each and every student’s stat along with the NPR, SAS, group ranking, etc.

Individual CAT4 reports for students

Students are able to see how they have performed in each group and whether their scores were below average, average or above average. They will be provided with a written summary recommending different ways for supporting effective learning. Alongside, the students will be able to see different indicators that will be
telling them how well they might be performing in GCSE and which subject they will be scoring the most in.

Individual CAT4 reports for parents

Parents can see the performance of their child in each battery. They will receive a profile description with different recommendations for supporting the academic growth of their child. Furthermore, they can also see different indicators for the standard grade of their child.

Summary CAT4 reports for senior leaders

Senior leaders are provided a report with a detailed analysis of their group scores and the same is being compared to the national average and then analysed by gender ethnicity and battery.

Why are Different CAT4 comparisons made?

Different CAT4 comparisons are made using the raw score and that can be obtained from checking how many CAT 4 answers were attempted correctly. These raw scores are then compared to the performance of subjects from the same age group and the normative scores are then determined which will describe the pupil’s performance.

On the other hand, the standard age score or SAS is the score of each age group’s average and is set to 100 and the standard deviation is set to 2. If two pupils from different age groups receive the same SAS, then it can be claimed that they have done equally well when they are being compared to others of the same age group.

Furthermore, a student who is receiving the same score on two different batteries can be said to have performed equally well on both and compared to others students of the same group.

What do my CAT4 report’s statistics mean?

The national percentile rank or student’s NPR score usually indicates the percentage of students that have scored less than the primary subject. A student who will be receiving an NPR of 73%, can be said to have scored better than 73% of the students in the same age group. Similarly, 27% of the students scored higher than him or her.

How does CAT 4 scoring work?

Your report’s CAT4 scoring for the test is computed based and even in the physical paper examination the computer checks the answers with the assistance of a software. The paper-based CAT 4 test scores are then sent to the GL assessment and the scored reports are then returned to the school within 15 workdays. The computer-based CAT 4 edition reports are then scored automatically.

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Interpreting CAT4 Reports and Understanding CAT4 Scores

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Which four cognitive skills does the CAT4 assess?

The CAT4 requires knowledge of four cognitive skills:

  1. Literacy skills
  2. Numeracy skills
  3. Non-verbal reasoning skills
  4. Spatial reasoning skills


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