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Welcome to our Liverpool 11 plus test practice papers for 2024 Liverpool grammar school entry.

So, what will the 2024 11 plus pass mark be?

What’s the most useful

Liverpool 11 plus practice papers

to use for Liverpool grammar school entry?

Here is the best site for accessing the most useful Liverpool 11 plus practice papers. The most likely to help you pass Liverpool’s 11 plus exam are Exam Papers Plus’s grammar school specific 11 plus test practice papers.

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Which type of 11 plus exam format do the Liverpool grammar schools use?

Wirral and Liverpool Grammar Schools include six grammar schools in the Wirral region, and one in Liverpool. The admissions process here can go via the LA or the school of choice, depending on the area. Almost all Wirral Schools use GL Assessment, whilst The Blue Coat School in Liverpool use their own papers.

Liverpool grammar schools 2023

  • Wirral’s non-Catholic grammar schools 11 plus exam
  • King David High School 11 plus exam
  • St Margaret’s C of E Academy 11 plus exam
  • St Hilda’s C of E High School 11 plus exam
  • Blue Coat School 11 plus exam
  • St Anselm’s College’s 11 plus exam in Oct 2020.
  • Upton Hall 11 plus exam

North West England’s Grammar School Regions

    • Cumbria
    • Lancashire
    • Liverpool
    • Trafford
    • Wirral


Yorkshire 11+ practice. Yorkshire village road.

When to start 11 plus tuition?

Most parents start 11+ tuition from Year 4 or Year 5. Initially, a specialist 11+ tutor will assess the child’s current levels before then going on to ensure a rich and rigorous foundation across all core skills. Then go on to prepare pupils for the actual 11+ exam demands. As well as building confidence and exam technique.

What is a Grammar School?

The earliest schools connected to monasteries were called scolae grammaticales. These schools initially were established to teach Latin grammar, the language of academia, thus the origins of the name. However, in more recent days, Grammar schools are seen as selective academically-oriented secondary schools in England.


In what year is the 11plus?

Grammar schools select their pupils into Year 7 by means of an academic examination called the 11+ or “11 plus”. A small number of grammar schools also have an intake into Year 8 or Year 9 and test pupils with an equivalent 12+ or 13+ Exam.

How many grammar schools are there?

There are over 3000 state-funded secondary schools in the UK, and out of these currently, 164 are state-funded grammar schools, with approximately 167,000 pupils. Grammar schools can be co-educational or single-sex; although most single-sex grammar schools now accept both boys and girls in the sixth form.

Why Grammar School?

A key perceived advantage of attending a grammar school is that of social mobility. Grammar schools have a track record of producing students who have very successful careers and develop large networks of influential friends. Pupils who attend a grammar school end up earning more than those who attend comprehensive schools.


Liverpool 11+ papers

  • King David High School
  • St Margaret’s C of E Academy
  • St Hilda’s C of E High School
  • Blue Coat School
  • St Anselm’s College
  • Upton Hall

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