Which are THE NEAREST highly rated London sixth forms?

Want to know where are the best sixth form colleges in London? Then, welcome to our 2024 London 6th form colleges guide.

Preparing for a sixth form entry test? Often these are non-verbal reasoning tests. We recommend that you use the following CAT4 non-verbal reasoning practice questions:


Which are the TOP London sixth forms?

Bentley Wood High School

  • Harrow Borough of London, 020 8954 3623
  • Girls-only school for students aged 11-18 is in Harrow area in London.
  • Every year 210 new girls enter the school for Year 7.
  • Comprehensive school with acceptance based on living in the catchment area.

Bexley Grammar School

  • Bexley London Borough, 020 8304 8538
  • Co-educational Bexley grammar school.
  • Admittance to school is subject to successful exam results (maths and English).
  • Average point of IB results 2018 was 33.1 and…
  • …for A levels, 37% of A* grades and 68% of A*/A grades.

Camden School for Girls

  • Camden London Borough,  020 7485 3414
  • Comprehensive school for girls 11-18 years old.
  • Camden School for Girls is then fully co-educational at sixth form.
  • Approx 1000 pupils.
  • Special status of music college. Hence, those who demonstrate musical excellence may be prioritised.
  • Camden School for Girls became fully comprehensive so entry is therefore ‘non-selective’. Although, there is an ability banding test  used for Year 7 placement. Girls .
  • A-level results 2019 – 15% of all grades are A*, 45% of all grades are A* – A.


Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School

  • Kensington and Chelsea London Borough
  • Catholic school for boys primarily, however Cardinal Vaughan accept girls for its sixth form.
  • 950 children and every year 124 new boys start here.
  • No entrance exam but the school is church-affiliated. Hence, requires the necessary Catholic priest endorsed application.
  • A level results 2019: 46% of the grades were A* & A, 14% of the grades were A*


Dame Alice Owen’s School

  • Hertfordshire
  • Founded in 1613 and initially a boys school, Dame Alice Owen’s is now a fully coeducational school for children aged 11-18.
  • Voluntary-aided school and admits children regardless of abilities.
  • 65 children out of 200 are selected, however, based on aptitude.
  • Plus,10 more places for musically gifted children.
  • A-level results: 29% of all grades were A* and 63% of all results were A*/A combined.

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Fortismere School 

  • Haringey, 020 8365 4400
  • Comprehensive school for boys and girls in north London.
  • Fortismere School admits approx. 250 children each year to Year 7.
  • A-Level exam results: 42% of all grades attained were an A or above.


Free London West School

Years 7 to 11 – Palingswick House, 241 King Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 9LP

Telephone: 020 8600 0670
Sixth Form – Franklin House, 2 Bridge Avenue, Hammersmith, London, W6 9JP
Telephone: 020 8600 0670 ext 680


Grey Coat Hospital School

St Andrew’s Building, Greycoat Place, London SW1P 2DY
Tel: 020 7969 1998
Area – the London borough of Westminster
Girls-only school for children of 11-18 years old in the very centre of London. The school gives priority to girls from families belonging to Church of England. 15 girls get a place ahead of competition if they showed the best results in the languages aptitude test, the rest of the places are given to those living nearby. A-Level results 2019 – 35% of all grades were A*-A.


Henrietta Barnett School

Central Square, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, NW11 7BN
Tel: 020 84588999
Area – the London Borough of Barnet
This grammar school for girls of 11-18 years old for many years is in the top of the league tables delivering results comparable to private schools. The school is exceedingly difficult to get a place at with competition reaching 2000 people for 100 places. In order to get admitted to the school there are two rounds of entrance exams to sit through. The first round is a computer-based test for cognitive abilities. Based on the results of the test only 300 girls are admitted to the second round, which consists of maths and English exams. A-level results 2019 – 30% A* and 70% A*/A.

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Holland Park School

Airlie Gardens, Campden Hill Rd, Kensington, London W8 7AF
020 7908 1000
Area – the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Comprehensive school for boys and girls of 11-18 years old in the prestigious area of Holland park in London. Annually the school admits 240 children in Year 7 (with 2000 applied to get a place). The admittance is based on the catchment area and 20 places are given for successfully passing the Art and Design test. The banding test is in place in order to determine, which abilities band out of four a child can be placed in September. A-level 2019 results – over 12% of A* and 36% of all grades at A* or A.


Ilford County High School

Fremantle Rd, Ilford IG6 2JB
020 8551 6496
Area – the London borough of Redbridge
  • Selective boys-only school for children aged 11-18. The admission is based on the results of entrance exams.

King’s College London Mathematics School

80 Kennington Road, London, SE11 6NJ

Tel: 020 7848 7346

  • The 6th form coeducational school for children of 16-18 years, situated in Lambeth area of London. The school is new and only opened its doors in 2014.
  • King’s College London Mathematics School cooperates closely with King’s College London University and aims to provide school students with high quality education in maths.
  • The maths school was founded based on the example of a Russian School of Maths and Physics which was opened in Moscow in 1965 by a leading mathematician of the 20th century Andrey Kcholmogorov.
  • King’s College Maths School is a selective school and applying candidates face a huge competition. In 2018 the school recieved around 500 applications for 70 places.
  • In order to be admitted to school a candidate needs to sit entrance examinations.
  • Those who passed the exams successfully are invited for an interview.
  • Kings teaches a limited number of subjects – Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computer Science and Economics.
  • The students sit A-level exams in the end of school and have to write Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).
  • A-level results 2019 -60% – A*, 91%  – A*/A. 100% of all A Level grades for Maths were A or A* grades.

Lady Margaret School

Address: Parsons Green, London SW6 4UN
Tel: 020 7736 7138
Area – the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
A small girls-only Church of England school, which celebrated its 100th year in 2017. In this London School situated in Parsons Green area altogether study 742 girls at the age of 11-18 years with 175 girls in Sixth Form. Every year over 700 girls apply to be admitted to school. Half of existing 120 places go to the families who regularly go to Church of England, which has to be proved with a letter signed by the church priest. The rest of the places are given those living in the catchment area. 44% of grades were A*-A in A-levels 2018.


Latymer School

Haselbury Road, London, N9 9TN
Tel: 020 88074037
Area – the London Borough of Enfield
A co-educational state school, which shouldn’t be confused with a famous private school with a similar name – Latymer Upper School. The state school was founded in 1624 by Edward Latymer. Today it is a grammar school where children admitted based on the entrance exams results. Every year 192 new students come to Year 7 here. Children who apply for school admission must live in the designated area. The entrance exams include Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning. A levels results 2019 – 17% оценок A, 52% оценок A*/A.


London Academy of Excellence

Broadway House, 322 High St, London E15 1AJ
Tel: 020 3301 1480
Area –  the London borough of Newham
Sixth form college for boys and girls in London area of Straford admits students on selective basis. A relatively new school (opened in 2012) teaches 460 students. The school works in partnership with prestigious private schools such as Brighton College, Caterham School, Eton College, City of London School, Forest School, Highgate School and University College School. A level results in 2018 – 61% of all grades were A*/A. In order to get admitted a student must have minimum five exams GCSE graded 9-7 (new marking system) or A*-A (old marking system), at least grade 6 for Maths and English and grades 9-7 for subjects that students plan to study for A-levels.

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London Oratory School

Seagrave Rd, Fulham, London SW6 1RX
020 7385 0102
Area – the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Catholic school for boys 7-18 and girls 16-18 years old. The school admits students from Catholic families.


Menorah High School for Girls

105 Brook Road, Dollis Hill, London , NW2 7BZ

Phone: 020 8208 0500
Area – the London borough of Brent

This is a London voluntary-aided school for Jewish girls aged 11-18. A-level results 2019 – 45% of all grades were A* -A.

Top secondary schools UK league tables children in hallwayNewham

Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (NCS)

Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre, 326 Barking Rd, London, E6 2BB
Tel: 020 3373 5000
Area – the London borough of Newham
The 6th form college opened in 2014 is situdated in East Ham area in east London. NCS specialise in Maths and Sciences. Around 600 boys and girls study here. Admission criteria – at least grade 6 in Maths and English GCSEs, combined 56 points from the best GCSE subjects.


Newstead Wood School

Avebury Rd, Orpington BR6 9SA
Phone: 01689 853626
Area – the London borough of Bromley
Selective school for girls at the age of 11-18 лет and boys at the age of 16-18 лет, situated in a small town Orpington in London area of Bromley. Every year 160 girls start here in Year 7. The admission is based on the exam results. The school also prioritise students living within 9 miles radius from the school building. The 6th form admission is based on predicted GCSE exams.

Nonsuch High School for Girls, Sutton

  • London Borough of Suton, 020 8394 3400
  • Grammar school for girls aged 11-18.
  • A-level results – 22% A*, 55% A*/А


Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet

Queens Rd, Barnet, EN5 4 DQ
Tel: 020 8441 4646
Area – the London borough of Barnet
  • Grammar schools for boys year after year getting top positions in the league tables based on the excellent performance in A-level subjects. The school admits boys at the age of 11 and the admission is based on the entrance exams results. A-level results 2018 – 46.9% – A* and 84.7% – A*/A.


Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School

High Street Barnet, EN5 5RR
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8449 2984
Area – the London borough of Barnet
  • Grammar school for girls of 11-18 years old.

Sacred Heart High School

212 Hammersmith Rd, Hammersmith, London W6 7DG
020 8748 7600
Area – the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Catholic school for girls of 11-18 years old situated in London area of Hamersmith.


St Michael’s RC Grammar School

  • London Borough Barnet, 020 84462256
  • Catholic school for girls of 11-18 y o and boys of 16-18 y o. The school is situated in Finchly area in north London. Every year 96 new girls come to here to start in Year 7 and at least 30 boys start in Year 12 in Sixth form. The priority in admission is given to children from catholic families. In order to get admitted families must submit the Certificate of Catholic Practice as well as other documents.
  • Other admission requirements for Year 7 – children, whose parents provided the necessary documents to confirm the catholic status will sit written tests in Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, English and Mathematics. Following the tests all applicants will be ranked in order starting with the highest score.
  • Places will be allocated strictly in accordance with the score. Admission requirements for Sixth form – at least 6 GCSE passes at grade 7 or above including at least a level 7 in English Language and Mathematics; at least a grade 7 at GCSE in the subjects (or those closely related to them) the applicants wish to study at A-Level. A-level results 2018 – 19.4% exams graded A* and 90% – A*/B grades.


St. Dominic’s Sixth Form College

  • London Borough of Harrow, 020 8422 8084
  • Catholic school for boys and girls aged 16-18 (6th form college).
  • The college is situated in Harrow area in London and there are 900 children from catholic families. A-level results for 2019 is 32% of A*/A.


St Olave’s and St Saviour’s Grammar School

  • Orpington, in Kent, 01689820101
  • Grammar school for boys of 11-18 years and girls of 16-18, situated in Orpington town in the London borough of Bromley. Every year the school admits 124 boys to begin in Year 7.
  • Admission is based on the entrance exams in reasoning, maths and English. For sixth form there are 110 places and admission is based on the school own entrance tests as well as GCSEs results.


Sutton Grammar for Boys

London Borough of Sutton, 020 8642 3821

  • Grammar school for boys aged 11-18 and girls aged 16-18.
  • A-level results are 18% A* and 52% A*/A

BEST London sixth forms?

Tiffin Girls’ School

  • London borough of Kingston upon Thames, 020 8546 0773
  • Grammar school, situated in Kingston-upon-Thames near London.
  • The school admits 180 new girls every year.
  • Successful candidates sit two rounds of entrance exams. The first round is for all candidates who applied to be admitted and includes Maths and English tests.
  • The second round is only for the those who successfully passed the first round. The school gives priority to the girls who successfully passed the exams and who are living in the cathcment and designated area.
  • Exam results for A-level 2018 are 37% A* and 74% A*-A.

Tiffin School

  • London borough of Kingston upon Thames, 020 8546 4638
  • Grammar school for boys, situated in Kingston-upon-Thames near London.
  • The school has a special status of a school with the emphasis on modern languages and arts.
  • There are about 1000 boys.
  • Every year the school welcomes 180 new boys for over 1000 applications. The admission is based on the entrance exams in Maths  and English.
  • A-level results: 26% A* and 62% A*-A, 85% of grades at A*-B.


Twyford Church of England High School

  • London borough of Ealing, 020 8752 0141
  • Co-educational school in Acton area of London.
  • The school belongs to Church of England and admission priority is given to families who bring up their children in the Church of England faith.
  • There are 1400 children at the age of 11-18 and the school specialises in modern languages study and music.
  • Every year the school admits 190 children in Year 7, 150 places of which are given to CfE families, 21 – to families of other denominations and 19 – to children who displayed an aptitude to music studies.

Wallington County Grammar School

  • Wallington, 020 8647 2235
  • Boys-only grammar school for children of 11-18 in Sutton area in London.
  • There are 900 children and the school admits girls in sixth form. To be admitted to school children are expected to successfully pass the entrance exams.


Wallington High School for Girls

  • Sutton, 020 8647 2380
  • All-girls grammar school for children aged 11-18 in Sutton area of London.
  • There are 210 new girls annually and about 2000 apply. Totally 1300 girls study here. A level results 2018 are 18.9% of grades A*, 50.9% of grades A*/A.


Wembley High Technology College

  • Royal borough of Brent, 020 8385 4800
  • Co-educational school for children of 11-18 years old in Brent area of London. 1400 children apply to school every year to start in Year 7 for 210 places. Admission policy is based on catchment area.

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Wilson’s School

Mollison Drive, Wallington SM6 9JW

Sutton, 020 8773 2931.
  • Grammar school for boys in London area of Sutton.
  • There are 1100 boys at the age of  from 11-18 лет. The results in A-levels 2018: 38.55% of entries obtained an A* grade, 80.92% of entries obtained an A*–A grade.

Woodford County High School For Girls

  • Redbridge, 020 8504 0611
  • Grammar school for girls situated in Redbridge area of London.
  • The school admits annually 180 girls in Year 7. The applicants sit entrance exams in September and in October the results become known.
Hutchins Rd, Thamesmead, London SE28 8AT
020 8310 7000
Area – the Royal borough of Greenwich
  • School for boys and girls of 11-18 years in Greenwich.
  • Admission to school is based on the catchment area.