Use Year 10 specific CAT4 practice tests to show your child’s true potential

Welcome to our most highly recommended 2023 CAT4 Year 10 Practice exams for pupils aged around 14-15 years.

Try our own practice CAT4 test.

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Recommended 2023 / 2024 CAT4 Year 10 Practice Test Papers 

School Entrance Tests‘ CAT4 Year 10 Practice Testsincluding some of GL Education’s CAT4 examples.

We recommended the following CAT4 Year 10 preparation materials since these are the closest to the publisher’s CAT4 assessment suite:

These are your best two CAT4 purchase options:

Free CAT4 year 10 Sample TestFull CAT4 year 10 test Practice Pack
CAT4 Practice Test Year 10CAT4 Level F Practice Test Pack Year 10


The above CAT4 practice tests are the most efficient practice test materials you can buy.


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CAT4 YouTube channel.

How to pass the CAT4 exam

  •  FIND THE BEST 2023/4 CAT4 test practice by school year, or pupil age.

So, here are our key CAT4 test prep steps:

  1. Firstly, use our CAT4 sample tests to familiarise yourself with the different CAT 4 question types.
  2. You can find the full CAT4 age range of FREE downloadable CAT4 sample tests atat the School Entrance Tests site.
  3. Thsn BUY your child’s year specific CAT4 practice test bundle.
  4. And take a CAT4 practice test every week for 1-2 months.
  5. Until you feel ready for more advanced CAT4 prep work.
  6. Then BUY a CAT4 mock exam.
  • REMEMBER you need to track CAT4 progress each week for maximum benefit and to keep yourself motivated.
    Adopting our recommended CAT4 techniques will quickly tell you which CAT4 test sections are most difficult for you to answer in the
  • ost efficient manner.
  • To demonstrate your true CAT4 potential you need to practice until you can answer all types of CAT 4 question correctly and quickly.
  • Try to teach yourself the most effective CAT4 strategies for mastering your most challenging CAT4 items.
  • Learn what works best for you to pass the most difficult CAT4 question types.

Which skills does the CAT4 assess?

The four key aptitude test areas are:

The CAT4 are skills tests, so which are the skills assessed by these eight CAT subtests?


What are these eight CAT4 subtests called ?

Each is assessed by two CAT4 sections, as detailed below:


Which other CAT4 age levels are available?

The range of different CAT4 levels each cater for different school grades as follows:

  • CAT4 Levels X / Y refer respectively to the CAT4 Years 1 / 2.
  • CAT4 Level A to Level G is for year 3 to year 12 and above.
  • For example: Level A test practice CAT4, followed by CAT4 test practice for Level D and CAT4 practice for Level E.
  • 12+ CAT4 Level D test practice.
  • 13+ CAT4 Level E PRACTICE
  • 16+ & 17+ CAT4 Level G PRACTICE

CAT4 year 10 test sample papers and CAT 4 year 10 test sample questions.

School Entrance Tests’ CAT4 year 10 test practice and CAT4 year  10 practice tests.


Our other standardised cognitive tests

The CAT4 is one of the most widely used standardised cognitive test in the UK and the US. Although there are many others. Many are employed to determine places for gifted children programmes in the US.

We offer many guides to the other popular standardised cognitive tests, including MAP test practice and MAP test prep.


Our popular CAT4 samples

Use the following for more targeted section-based CAT 4 test practice:



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