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Our Maths Admissions Test Intro

Applying for an Oxford Maths Course

If a student is applying for a mathematics course, then Oxford will be one of the best choices in the UK. The students will have to take the MAT short for Mathematics Admission Test. There are many other universities, for example, Cambridge that require students to take the STEP examination which is the Sixth Term, Examination Paper. There are no major differences between these examinations, it just varies from one school to another.

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What is the MAT?

Several universities in the UK accept the MAT to evaluate the maths abilities and reasoning skills of those candidates applying for undergraduate maths courses. Before taking the MAT, you need to register at a recognised MAT test centre.

Cambridge University developed mathematics as an assessment admission test in the year 2016. They designed the test format to evaluate the skills, a candidate has to have to manage the university’s level Mathematics courses and syllabus.

Mathematics Admission Test Practice and Oxbridge interview tips


What are the MAT eligibility criteria

In fact, there are no MAT eligibility criteria. The MAT is a 2 hours 30 minutes long test with the following two papers:

  • Mathematical Thinking
    The first paper has 20 multiple-choice questions (MCQ), and the test duration is 75 minutes. The paper is based on pure mathematics that includes, algebra, sequences, series, Geometry, trigonometry, integration differentiation, graphs, basic functions, etc.
  • Mathematical / Logical Reasoning
    The second paper contains 20 multiple-choice questions, and the test duration is also 75 minutes for this. It is to assess the capabilities of the candidates and whether they can apply the logic to solve the elementary concepts using mathematical arguments.


MAT Benefits

  • Candidates can assess their capability and aptitude for mathematics
  • Scoring in MAT strengthens the candidate’s application for uni admission
  • It helps the candidates to be aware of the university’s Maths
  • The candidates take it as a challenge and prepare themselves accordingly


How to Prepare for the Mathematics Aptitude Test

For any kind of examination, no matter how critical it is, practice is the first step toward achieving good grades. Every student should practice enough so that they are confident on the day of the examination. For tackling MAT and scoring well, one should first consolidate all that one has to learn from the first to the sixth year about mathematics and combine that alongside A-level questions or any other equivalent papers. The questions that come in the MAT examinations always come from something that the students are familiar with.

So, what are the MAT questions like?

Furthermore, the questions will be presented in a manner to make them look unfamiliar, however, they are the ones from the chapters that the student has attended before. The questions are done in such a manner specifically to test how familiar is a student with the subject. Furthermore, the understanding of the student of the subject and how he or she perceives the questions can also be determined through such question patterns. Students should be always reproducing a familiar method for answering the questions. The habit of tackling such questions should be built in the first place and that can only be done through rigorous practice much before the test.

Mock MAT exam

Many mock examination websites offer timer settings to students for practicing. Experts always advise the students on using those websites and settings to their advantage. There are many math challenges out there such as UKMT and Olympiad, in which students can partake in assessing their current mathematical and analytical skills. The questions are not complex but they can seem confusing as often students are asked to look at a diagram or a graph and then asked to relate to some kind of a mathematical format.

MAT question example

For example, students will often be provided with a set of graphs and asked to answer which one of them related to a mathematical formula from trigonometry such as cos(x) = cos(y). The question primarily relies on an understanding of the concepts of mathematics that the students might have come across before and they will just need to relate the question and the concept to get the right answer. Analysing the graph here is very important and students should do it effectively even though it will take a substantial amount of time.

MAT practice exam materials

For MAT exam materials, the applicants can visit the Oxbridge website, where they will get a compilation of questions from previous years. Furthermore, they will also get solved questions that will provide an understanding of how the questions are being answered. Many graduates provide their comments and suggestion on these courses about their experience and how they feel about the solutions provided and if something can be done differently and in a better way.

Study guide for MAT

There is a particular study guide for MAT which is available on the Oxbridge website, that comes along with day-to-day suggestions. All the experience-based material that is available on the website is taken from surveying different students over several years. So, everything alongside the study guide and answers that one will get on the website is legitimate.  

Test of Mathematics for University Administration

The TMUA or Test for Mathematics for University Administration is designed for applicants to Oxford or similar level universities. Applicants who are already not a part of the Oxford educational system or are from different nationalities are the ones who end up taking this test. It is designed to provide students with a good opportunity to demonstrate all the essential mathematical skills that they might have. Reasonable thinking alongside a good knowledge of computers and economics altogether will make a student ideal for acing this test.

MAT past papers Mathematics Admissions Test Practice

What does the MAT look like?

The total test is 2 hours and 30 minutes long and it usually has two papers that are provided to the applicants consecutively. The first paper is related to the application of their existing mathematical knowledge, where the student gets 20 multiple choice questions and the test duration is for 75 minutes. The second paper is related to mathematical reasoning and consists of mathematical reasoning questions. Here, also the student has to answer 20 multiple choice questions and the test duration is again 75 minutes.  

MAT Scoring

TMUA scores are provided on the basis of how many correct answers are provided and not on how many questions have been attempted. There is no negative marking for wrong answers whatsoever. So, a student will have the liberty to guess a question that they are not so sure about. The final making will be provided on the overall performance in both the papers and students will be given a score of 1 to 9, where 9 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. There will be scores provided on each of the papers so the applicants will be able to understand in which area they are lacking knowledge the most.

How much does the MAT cost?

In the UK and EU, the registration will be somewhere between 75 to 88 Euros. If someone is appearing for the test outside European Union countries, then it will cost them between 100 and 137 Euros.  The application for result inquiries will cost between 38-52 Euros and the same cost will be for appeals


MAT past papers and Mathematics Admissions Test Practice