THE BEST practice tests for passing Kent 11 plus 2024

Firstly, which are the most useful Kent 11 plus practice papers?

To maximise the success of your

2024 Kent 11 plus test practice for Kent grammar schools

you want these to be similar to the actual Kent 11 plus papers written by the 11 plus publisher GL Assessment.

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Introducing the Kent 11 plus GL Exam Format

The first Kent 11 plus paper is a one-hour multiple-choice question paper that is split into 2 sections. This section comprises English and mathematics. Every section consists of 5 minutes of exercise practice.

Whereas, the second Kent 11 plus paper is a one hour paper that will be split into 2 sections that comprise of nonverbal reasoning or spatial awareness and verbal reasoning. In the 3rd test, 40 minutes writing test will be conducted that includes a planning time of 10 minutes.

Kent’s 11 plus test results are typically sent out in the first week of November.

Those registered online, were sent an email after 4pm on Kent’s 11 plus results day.

Kent pupils 11 plus exam is typically in the third week of October.


School Entrance recommends that your 11 plus Kent test practice is as similar as possible to the

11 plus publisher 11 plus exams.


What’s the Kent 11 plus registration date?

The 2022 Kent 11+ exam will take place in September. Registrations will be open on the official website from May.

When is Kent 11+ results day?

The 11 plus test results for all Kent grammar schools are scheduled to be posted by 1st class post on  December. From 3rd December, the online link will reopen for you to view your child’s test results here on the official Kent 11+ Results.


Introduction to the Kent 11 Plus exam

The first test will be an English and Maths paper and will take 1 hour.

Each section will involve a 5-minute practice exercise followed by a 25-minute test. The English section will involve a comprehension exercise as well as some additional questions drawn from a set designed to test literacy skills.

The second test will be a reasoning paper. It will take about 1 hour, including the practice sections and questions. It will contain a verbal reasoning section and a non-verbal reasoning section of roughly the same length. The non-verbal reasoning will be split into short sections, administered and timed individually.

There will also be a writing exercise which will not be marked but may be used by a local headteacher panel as part of the headteacher assessment stage of the process. 40 minutes will be allowed for the writing task, including 10 minutes of planning time.

For more information, have a look at the Kent 11 plus Familiarisation Booklet.


Kent 11 plus practice test. View of bridge over river in Kent town.

The list below shows the Kent Grammar School entrance info. You will, therefore, find information on the relevant Grammar School and the town it is in from the links below.


Kent 11 plus Exam Format for first paper

  • One-hour multiple-choice question paper.
  • Split into 2 sections: English and mathematics.

Second Kent 11 plus paper

  • One hour paper
  • Split into these two sections: nonverbal reasoning or spatial awareness and verbal reasoning.

Third Kent 11 plus paper

  • A 40-minute writing test.
  • This includes a planning time of 10 minutes.




Kent Grammar School Entrance

Kent is the area in the UK with the most grammar schools. 35 fully selective schools in total:

  • Barton Court Grammar School, Canterbury (mixed)
  • Borden Grammar School, Sittingbourne (boys)
  • Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School, Ramsgate (mixed)
  • Cranbrook School, Cranbrook (mixed)
  • Dane Court Grammar School, Broadstairs (mixed)
  • Dartford Grammar School, Dartford (boys) and Dartford Grammar School for Girls, Dartford (girls)
  • Dover Grammar School for Boys, Dover (boys) and Dover Grammar School for Girls, Dover (girls)
  • Folkestone School for Girls, Folkestone (girls)
  • Gravesend Grammar School, Gravesend (boys)
  • Mayfield Grammar School, Gravesend (girls)
  • Harvey Grammar School, Folkestone (boys)
  • Highsted Grammar School, Sittingbourne (girls)
  • Highworth Grammar School for Girls, Ashford (girls)
  • Invicta Grammar School, Maidstone (girls)
  • The Judd School, Tonbridge (boys)
  • Maidstone Grammar School, Maidstone (boys) and Maidstone Grammar School for Girls, Maidstone (girls)
  • The Norton Knatchbull School, Ashford (boys)
  • Oakwood Park Grammar School, Maidstone (boys)
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Faversham (mixed)
  • Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, Canterbury (boys) and Simon Langton Grammar School for Girls, Canterbury (girls)
  • Sir Roger Manwood’s School, Sandwich (mixed)
  • The Skinners’ School, Tunbridge Wells (boys)
  • Tonbridge Grammar School, Tonbridge (girls)
  • Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School, Tunbridge Wells (girls) and Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys, Tunbridge Wells (boys)
  • Weald of Kent Grammar School, Tonbridge (girls)
  • Wilmington Grammar School for Boys, Wilmington (boys) and Wilmington Grammar School for Girls, Wilmington (girls)
  • Holcombe Grammar School, Chatham (boys)
  • Chatham Grammar School for Girls, Chatham (girls)
  • Fort Pitt Grammar School, Chatham (girls)
  • Rainham Mark Grammar School, Rainham (mixed)
  • Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School, Rochester (boys)
  • Rochester Grammar School, Rochester (girls)