11 plus practice tests and and grammar school entry guide

Attached you will find our 11 Plus English Practice Test One with answers. Take note of the instructions below:


Please read the following instructions carefully before beginning the test.

  • Do not begin or open this booklet until told to do so
  • You have 30 minutes to complete this test
  • Read the passage. using only the information given in the passage.
  • To each question, answer TRUE, FALSE or CANNOT TELL
  • Answer TRUE if the statement is true or follows on logically from the passage
  • FALSE if the statement is false. Answer CANNOT TELL if there is insufficient
    information given in the passage.
  • Work quickly and carefully
  • Rough working may be done on a separate piece of paper
  • Write answers clearly and cross out any mistakes
  • Only cross out mistakes if you have another answer to replace it with
  • There are 24 questions, try to complete them all
11 Plus English Practice Test

11 Plus English Practice Tests

English is something you use every day. For 11 Plus English practice, however, make sure you are using the English language correctly.

Your understanding will be tested in many different ways, including:

  • Presenting the same information in a different way
  • Identifying the key points
  • Distinguishing between what is portrayed as fact and fiction
  • Inferences
  • Deductions

There are several different questions types that you might encounter in the comprehension test. One question format asks you to identify the particular audience that a passage or extract is aimed at. Go with your instinct. Think about the reading level and tone. Does it sound like school policy to you? Does it read as though it is information for teachers? Is the piece’s reading level accessible to pupils?

Another question format asks you to suggest summary headings. Analyse the main point(s) of the paragraph objectively. What key point should be highlighted? Don’t be misled by something that’s only mentioned once in a single phrase or sentence. It can be helpful, particularly if you are short of time, to focus on the first and last sentences in a paragraph.


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11 Plus English Practice Test