How to improve your child’s Adaptive Admissions Test score

Looking for Adaptive Admissions Test practice? Or for the best Progress Test practice?

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Adaptive Admissions practice tests and

Adaptive Admissions sample tests


MORE TARGETED AAT preparation materials, such as to AAT exercises, are at this link.

Which Adaptive Admissions Test exercises are available above?

  • AAT Comprehension exercises
  • Sentence Completion AAT
  • AAT Spelling & Punctuation
  • Maths AAT
  • AAT Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning AAT
  • All four modules of the Adaptive Admissions Test are comprehensively covered.
  • These are the most accurate replica entry tests which mirror the AAT exam timings, AAT section formats, AAT question types and number of AAT questions per AAT module.


Tell me more about the Exam Papers Plus AAT test practice packs

  • There are four AAT modules (Maths, English, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning) within each AAT practice test pack.
  • This allows AAT pupils to complete each AAT subtest separately.
  • AAT practice test modules are marked automatically.
  • We recommend that AAT tutors review pupil’s AAT results and priovdie AAT specific feedback.
  • Use the AAT question explanations provided for every question.
  • Comparative AAT statistics are available. These allow the parents of AAT children to keep checking on their child’s progress towards the AAT pass mark.


Tell me about GL Assessment’s AAT test modules?

The Adaptive Admissions Test is an online assessment. It is used by private schools. Independent UK schools and also international school slection. Private school pupils take the AAT in Year 6 or in Year 7.

What is in the AAT? The AAT contains the following AAT modules:

  • AAT Maths exam module,
  • English AAT test module,
  • AAT Verbal Reasoning module, and
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning AAT sub-test.


Adaptive Admissions Test samples and Adaptive Admissions Test practice AAT test samples,