Do I use a Tutor or Online Learning Platform?

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Uding a Tutor or Online Learning Platform?

Tutoring is a profession now with its own Association. The Tutors’ Association, which is an open, democratic, not-for-profit, professional body. It:

  • Has a membership of highly qualified professionals.
  • From various fields of academia, teaching and other vocations.
  • Sets standards
  • Holds its members accountable to a code of professional ethics.

The best tutors care about their students.. They strive for excellence rather than for any short-term monetary gain. Professional tutors are also aware of their civic responsibilities, and many give some of their time to pro bono work.

Oak National Academy

One good example of an online learning platform is Oak National Academy. It was created by teachers and funded by the Department of Education.

The lessons consist of hour-long lessons with worksheets and quizzes to accompany them. A total of 3 hour lessons per day for primary and 4 hours per day for secondary school children. The curriculum-based lessons comes as a heaven-sent for many parents.

Online learning platform picture of library on mobile phoneTo access this learning platform, go to their official site for Oak National Academy.

The Oak National Academy, alongside BBC Bitesize Daily and schools themselves, are bringing the national curriculum to homes across the UK.


In addition to Oak National Academy, the BBC also launched their Daily Lessons today.

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons

Not only did the government announce the new online platform, but today also marks the beginning of the BBC’s daily lessons for children between Year 1 and Year 10. The new website offers newly created daily lessons in Maths and English and one other curriculum topic.

The weekly schedules are available if you want to source your own content.

Some examples of the schedule for this week:

Year 4 Bitesize Online PlatformYear 4 Bitesize Online Platform

Year6 Bitesize Daily Online platform

Year7 Bitesize Daily Online platformYear 8 Bitesize Online Platform

BBC iPlayer also offers 20 minute shows each designed to target a specific age group. These will be available on BBC iPlayer, on any device, and on TV via the Red Button.

For older students, BBC Four is devoting time each weekday evening to programmes that support GCSE and A-level curricula. These programmes will include broadcast versions of various Shakespeare plays; reruns of classic drama adaptations; and some of our award-winning science and nature documentaries.

Home Education

These measures are all put in place to help parents who are having to juggle working from home and home learning. As the UK enters the 5th week of lockdown and subsequent school closures, these resources are welcomed by many parents.

However, many headteachers and experienced home educators continue to encourage parents to not put too much pressure on children (and themselves) in these times. Try and make learning as fun as you can and use some of these FREE online resources to help you manage this time with your children and maybe find some interesting ways to explore the world yourself.

Working from home with children can be a bit tricky, but there are so many resources out there.