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Graduate Careers

Graduate jobs with graduate sitting behind laptop.

Verbal reasoning test practice for Graduate jobs

Recent graduates who have just started working on a training scheme will apply their verbal reasoning skills whenever they interact or correspond with other members of staff. They need to match their verbal communication to different levels of seniority and adjust their communication style to suit the formality of the meeting or event. Graduates may also need to prepare business reports. These should not read like an essay!

Verbal reasoning test practice for Managerial roles 

Most managers will need to use higher levels of verbal reasoning when reading or preparing reports. They need to be able to adapt their spoken and written communication style to the situation, whether addressing their subordinates or customers/ clients. Other company reporting procedures, such as appraisals, also require clearly written documentation.

Senior managers and directors will need to use the highest levels of verbal reasoning skills when analysing company reports, dealing with compliance issues and statutory obligations. Here there is a need for concise and accurate communication.

Verbal reasoning test practice for Customer service roles

Effective oral communication is the key to handling customer queries or sales calls. Talking to customers on the phone or face to face demands a flexible communication style. For example, telesales personnel would be expected to respond differently to a customer who was complaining than to one who was a prospective sale. Persuasive presentation skills also rely upon a solid foundation of verbal reasoning skills.

School Entrance Tests’ top digital skills careers 2023

Verbal reasoning test practice for PA or administrative roles

A PA’s responsibilities typically include written correspondence. For example, letters and emails, which need to use an appropriate tone and level for the intended audience. Administrative roles also need to check written documents. Also, to file these accurately. Plus, to keep on top of plans and procedures that have been agreed orally or in writing.

Verbal reasoning practice tests – Sales roles

Effective oral communication is the key to converting sales call prospects. In particular, sales roles in call centres which require an even more fluent style of communication style.

Graduate Student Careers Service

There is a Student Careers Service on nearly every university campus. It is made up of a team of people with a wide knowledge of the work environment who are dedicated to helping their students and offering guidance which gives the students the best chance in fulfilling their career aspirations.

Typical Graduate digital skills careers 2023

There are many graduate startup opportunities currently – especially in and around London. No longer do graduate managerial training schemes need to be the first step on a specific career path.

Here are some of the typical graduate job decisions around graduate startup opportunities:

  • Do I work for a startup or a corporate? Startup and corporate compant cultures are very different. The corporate world brings advantages from stability. But disadvantages fro their being less autonomony and more centralised decision-making. Whereas start-ups are more innovative and Most start-ups apply agile working practices Graduates with a more adaptable mindset and who have strong creative thinking skills are more likely to feel comfortable here.