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Our Oxbridge admissions MAT Test practice

If someone is willing to get into a good science course or get a master’s degree in any of the science subjects, then mathematics is something that will act as a level throughout the education period. One cannot just get rid of mathematics and it is very important for attaining a critical mindset in life and also in studies.

A mathematics aptitude test is an examination based on the basics of maths as well as data interpretation. This is a testing criterion for many schools and colleges to check whether the applicant is fit for the course or not. It would be safe to say that MAT is often used as an admission test in many educational institutions.

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How long is the MAT examination?

The examination goes for 2 hours and 30 minutes to be exact and one cannot take any breaks in between. The paper contains mostly MCQ pattern questions and certain explanatory ones where the rough calculations also have to show to showcase to the teacher how the answer has been derived.

Courses Requiring a Mandatory MAT

There are certain courses in universities or streams in high schools and when students select any one of them, they will have to sit for a mathematics aptitude test and that is not negotiable. These are courses are computer science, mathematics, and statistics, mathematics and philosophy, computer science and philosophy, etc.

Universities that Required the MAT Certification

Most universities in the UK where the above-mentioned courses are studied.

Specifically, universities like Oxford, Imperial, etc prefer students who have passed the MAT.

Structure of MAT

There are 10 multiple choice questions in the MAT question and each one contains four marks.
MAT test takers then answer another 4 long questions consisting of mainly 3-5 sub-questions which are usually 15 marks each.

These longer questions are not MCQ-based, rather they need to be answered descriptively.

Both section 1 and 2 needs to be answered by every applicant.

How is the MAT score used in Oxbridge applications?

Firstly MAT scores are put in a standardized format.

Then the benchmark for passing can be set.