SATs Key Stage 2 English Practice Test

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SATs KS2 English Test Practice

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The SATs or Scholastic Aptitude Tests start in May of every year. The 2022 KS2 SATs will take place in the week commencing 9th May 2022. The tests will take place over four days.

Key Stage 2 consists of Years 3-6 and pupils’ ages range from 7-11. During May of Year 6, the final year of Key Stage 2, children undertake 3 National Curriculum Tests. Reading, Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling and also Mathematics.
Once again these assessments comprise both tests and teacher judgements.

For SATs 2019 practice in Keystage 2 Maths, you will find some good practice questions in the SATs 2019 Practice

The SATs are now carried out at the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) and Key Stage 2 (Year 6). In 2010 Key Stage 3 SATs were scrapped and have been replaced by formal teacher assessment in each of the National Curriculum subjects.

SATs Key Stage 1 comprises of Year 1 and Year 2 and pupils’ ages range from 5-7.

This Key Stage normally covers pupils in infant school, but they can also form part of a first or primary school. There is a phonics screening done at the end of Year 1, but the main assessment is done at the end of Year 2.

Keystage 2 SATs exams therefore comprise:

  • English

Paper 1: English Grammar & Punctuation – 45 minutes – 50 marks

Paper 2: English Spelling – 20 words, about 15 minutes – 20 marks

  • Mathematics

Paper 1: Arithmetic –  36 minutes (30 questions) – 40 marks

Paper2: Reasoning – 40 minutes (21 questions) – 35 marks

Paper 3: Reasoning – 40 minutes (21 questions) – 35 marks

For SATs 2019 practice in Keystage 2 Maths, you will find some good practice questions in the SATs 2019 Practice

This quiz is based on previous test and practice questions.

A database of questions will ensure you are not getting questions you answered correctly before.


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English language test

SATs English test

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