InCAS school test this year? Which are the best InCAS practice tests to use?

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best InCAS practice tests

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Start of year questions

  • Overall, how does your class perform? How far above average?
  • Who stands out? Why?
  • Where might students be needing more work in general?
  • Where might individuals need more work?
  • What are some goals you can set for your class?

End of year questions

  • Overall, what is the progress your class has made (one year, more than one year etc.)
  • For students who stood out at the start of the year, what is the progress? Does anything stand out?
  • Have students you flagged at the start of the year been making the progress you had hoped? Why or why not do you think this is?
  • Referring back to your goal at the start of the year, what do you think the achievements were? Any concerns?