When’s 2024’s GCSE Results day?

So, when do gcse results come out?
What to expect on 2024 GCSEs results day

When is GCSE Results day in 2024?

22 August 2024!

A-level and T-level results are out on August 15 2024, while GCSE results will be released on August 22.


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 Latest 2024 GCSE news stories

One new addition are GCSE exam aids. You’ll get formula and equation sheets for maths, physics, and combined science GCSE exams in 2024. This is to help you out after the disruption caused by the pandemic.

  • The sheets will be the same ones used in 2023 exams, so you can familiarize yourself with them now.
  • You’ll get a clean copy of the sheet for each exam.
  • This is only for 2024, so students taking GCSEs in 2025 and beyond are expected to know all the formulas and equations without prompts.
  • Some teachers might incorporate the GCSE sheets into their GCSE teaching or practice GCSE mock exams.

What this means for you

  • Focus on understanding the formulas and equations thoroughly, not just memorizing them.
  • Use the provided sheets strategically during the exam to save time and avoid errors.
  • Remember, this is just one tool to help you succeed. Keep studying hard and preparing for the exams as usual.

Such GCSE aids are meant to help, not hinder, your performance.Use them wisely and ethically!


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