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Firstly, this is a combined Birmingham 11+ and Warwickshire grammar schools guide.

We aim to give you all the information available on the 11 Plus grammar school entrance exams in two regions.
For two important grammar school counties. So, covering all of the Warwickshire grammar schools and the Birmingham based grammar schools.

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Which type of 11 plus test is used in Warwickshire?

The exams are managed by the CEM exam board. The Warwickshire County Council has fortunately made this Familiarisation booklet for the Warwickshire 11 plus Entrance Test available. It will provide you with all the information necessary, regarding the kinds of questions, how to fill in the answer sheet and some examples of what will be asked.

Warwickshire 11 Plus Guide. Warwick castle.In this familiarisation booklet, they explain that the 11 Plus Grammar School entrance tests are set by CEM (Centre of Evaluation and Monitoring).

The CEM doesn’t make their past papers available. CEM is the 11 Plus examination board for several regional 11 Plus grammar school entrance papers.

There are 2 papers of about an hour each, which test:

1. Questions testing Verbal Ability

  • Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Word Choice

2. Questions testing Numerical Ability

3. Questions testing Non-verbal

Currently, there are only five grammar schools in Warwickshire. There is however the Ashlawn School in Rugby that is a bilateral school. Bilateral schools have both a grammar school and a non-selective stream with only.

Warwickshire and Birmingham grammar schools group into a consortium called ‘The Grammar Schools in Birmingham”. Therefore, they share the same test and it takes place on the same day.

Children cannot sit this exam twice. If they do, only the first result will be valid if accepted at all.

Warwickshire Grammar schools 2023

Warwickshire divides into two admission areas. This map on the Warwickshire County Council website gives you a good idea of these areas.

  • East Warwickshire
  1. Ashlawn School
  2. Lawrence Sheriff School
  3. Rugby High School

Grammar schools in this area again divide into two sections. Area 1 and Area 2. Area 1 is a radius of 10 miles. While Area 2 however, only covers the area around Rugby.

  • South Warwickshire
  1. Alcester Grammar School
  2. King Edward VI School
  3. Stratford Upon Avon Grammar School


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