THE BEST practice tests for passing the 2024 Shropshire 11 plus

11 Plus exam board CEM writes the Shropshire 11 Plus exam.

We can offer many 11 plus past papers at the links below to help with your Shropshire 11 Plus tuition. For example, premium CEM 11 plus practice papers.

So, what will the 2024 11 plus pass mark be?

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CEM’s Shropshire 11 Plus Practice Papers 2024

  • Crossley Heath Grammar School 11 plus exam – end September date.
  • North Halifax Grammar School 11 plus exam.
  • Shropshire, Walsall, Wolverhampton consortium – early October date.

In which school year is the 11 plus?

Grammar schools select their pupils into Year 7 by means of an academic examination called the 11+ or “11 plus”. A small number of grammar schools also have an intake into Year 8 or Year 9 and test pupils with an equivalent 12+ or 13+ Exam.

When to start 11 plus tuition?

Most parents start 11+ tuition from Year 4 or Year 5. Initially, a specialist 11+ tutor will assess the child’s current levels before then going on to ensure a rich and rigorous foundation across all core skills. Then go on to prepare pupils for the actual 11+ exam demands. As well as building confidence and exam technique.

How do Grammar Schools differ?

Not all selective grammar schools have ‘grammar’ in their name. Also, many schools with ‘grammar’ in their name are actually fee-paying independent schools. Independent Schools are now also using a different bespoke 11+ exam to select their pupils. There are some similarities to the 11+ grammar school exam.


Why go to a Shropshire Grammar School?

As grammar school pupils are all academically selected and of similar high abilities. Hence, teachers are arguably able to stretch and challenge their pupils further, making more effective progress in lessons than a comprehensive, mixed-ability school.

Grammar schools are some of the highest performing schools listed in national league tables. According to the Sutton Trust Report (2008), grammar school pupils make greater progress throughout Key Stage 3 and 4 and achieve better GCSEs and A levels than pupils from other school types.

What’s in the CEM exam?

The challenging Shropshire CEM 11 Plus Test assesses your:


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