How Middle East schools use CAT4 tests and International Baccalaureate exams

Welcome to our CAT4 and International Baccalaureate past papers and investigation of IB vs A-Levels.


International Baccalaureate past papers

English A-level (Edexcel Explorations in Prose & Poetry 6ET01:01).
English (Edexcel Interpretations of Prose & Poetry 6ET03:01).
A-level English (AQA Victorian Literature LTA1A).English (AQA Reading for Meaning LITA3).

International International Baccalaureate Results

You can nominate up to 6 universities to receive your results. You don’t need to do anything more as the universities will then contact you directly.

Please don’t contact them any earlier as they will still be awaiting the IB results.

As 5th July is over a month ahead of A-level results day you can relax as you will have plenty of time to consider your options whatever your results and still be ahead of your peers.

International Baccalaureate

IB Results Day 2022

If your results are very near the next grade boundary, and this new grade would allow you to achieve your conditional or insurance university offer, then it is worth a chat with your IB tutor to see if you want to apply to have your IB remarked in the hope that your grading will rise.

Please be aware that a regrade request can also result in downgrading as well, which is why it really is worth chatting it through first.

Alternatively, if your IB grades are lower than needed for your firm, conditional or insurance university offer then you need to consider Clearing.


International Baccalaureate

Your IB results could be better than expected. It may even be higher than the entry requirements you need for your university course. Congratulations! that’s awesome news and opens up new possibilities with UCAS Adjustment.

This UCAS service gives you an opportunity to apply for university courses with higher entry requirements as long as there are places available.

Further reading on IB Diplomas is available via our dedicated IB guide and via the IB website. They are truly worth investigating further as an IB Diploma is a very highly respected qualification around the world and opens up endless possibilities for you to study at an overseas university rather than a UK one.

International Baccalaureate Results day 2019. Young woman holding results paper 2019.